RUCOOL Offshore Wind Workshop for BPU | October 24, 2023
Mike Crowley, Travis Milles, Scott Glenn, Josh Kohut, Lori Garzio, Laura Nazaro, James Kim, Fernando Pareja A Decade of Offshore Wind Energy Science Supporting the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Oceans Conference and Exposition, Biloxi, MS | September 29, 2023
Julia Engdahl Implementation of Near Real-Time Onboard Processing Software for a Slocum Glider Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
Oceans Conference and Exposition, Biloxi, MS | September 29, 2023
Scott Glenn, Steve Dimarco Surface current velocity observations of the Yucatan Channel using High-Frequency Radar
Oceans Conference and Exposition, Biloxi, MS | September 29, 2023
Hugh Roarty, Scott Glenn, Mike Smith Nearshore Wave Climatology of the New Jersey Shelf
Oceans Conference and Exposition, Biloxi, MS | September 27, 2023
Timothy Stolarz Best Practices for SeaSonde Antenna Pattern Measurements
Regional Wildlife Science Collaborative (RWSC) Habitat and Ecosystem Subcommittee | September 21, 2023
Josh Kohut and Kaycee Coleman RUCOOL Offshore Wind Habitat and Ecosystem Efforts
MARACOOS Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD | September 12-13, 2023
Hugh Roarty High Frequency Radar Science and Event Highlights 2022-2023
Southern Ocean Observing Symposium 2023 in Hobart, Australia | August 13-17, 2023
Oscar Schofield East Antarctic Time Series Meeting
Oscar Schofield Regional Observation and Programs
Oscar Schofield Sensor webs for marine systems undergoing accelerating change
Oscar Schofield Ecological Response to “Press-Pulse” Disturbances Along a Rapidly Changing West Antarctic Peninsula
UGOS UASA | Aug 8, 2023
Timothy Stolarz UGOS UASA HFR Data Troubleshooting
RPS South Kingstown, RI | July 26, 2023
Hugh Roarty MARACOOS High Frequency Radar
ASLO ASM | July, 2023
Quintin Diou-Cass The Photophysiological Fingerprints of Long-Term Change
Michael Chen Seasonality of Particles Exported by the Southern Ocean Eddy Subduction Pump
Synchro Co-Design Workshop for Offshore Wind Development
| Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Moss Landing, CA | June 20, 2023
Mike Crowley Offshore Wind Experiences on the East Coast
Virtual Webinar | June 14, 2023
Hugh Roarty Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation (WTRIM) for high frequency ocean current radars: Technology update
OCG-14 Hybrid Meeting | June 6, 2023
Hugh Roarty High Frequency Radar
Association of Limnology and Oceanography (Mallorca, Spain) | June 8, 2023
Oscar Schofield Understanding phytoplankton dynamics in marine systems undergoing accelerating change
Polar Research Board | June 8, 2023
Oscar Schofield Phytoplankton dynamics in a warming Southern Ocean
Briefing to the National Weather Service Wave Team | May 19, 2023
Hugh Roarty Wave Data from HF Radar
LTER Network Meeting (Kellogg Research Station, Michigan) | May 10, 2023
Oscar Schofield Kellogg Biological Station
29th Waves in Sea Environment (WISE), Princeton, NJ | May 7-10, 2023
Hugh Roarty Nearshore Wave Measurements from High Frequency Radar Can Help Fill Gaps in the National Waves Plan
Hugh Roarty Evaluation of High Frequency Radars (HFR) wave data using Nearshore Wave Prediction System (NWPS)
IOCARIBE-GOOS International Marine Science Conference 2023 | May 8, 2023
Scott Glenn Uncrewed Systems in the TAC
Florida Alumni Outreach Events | March 2023
Oscar Scofield Sarasota 2023
Under Grad Presentation for DMCS Open House | February 24 2023
Oscar Scofield Student Talks
Presented at the National Academy of Sciences (Washington DC) | February 9, 2023
Oscar Scofield Developing smart adaptive sensor webs expanding ship-based science opportunities
American Meteorological Society Meeting, Denver, CO | January 8-12, 2023
Hugh Roarty Evaluation and Transition Plans for the Use of High Frequency Radar (HFR) Coastal Wave Observations within the National Weather Service (NWS)