NameThesisAdvisorYearDegreeCurrent Activities
Emily SlesingerBlack sea bass physiology and life history in the context of seasonal and long-term climate changeSaba2021Ph.D.NOAA NMFS lab in Newport, Oregon
Ailey SheehanDeveloping an Open-Source Analysis Pipeline For a Glider-Based Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP)Beaird2021M.S. Operational OceanographyHaskins Shellfish Lab
Ted Thompson
Best Practices for Sea-Bird Scientific deep ISFET-based pH sensor integrated into a Slocum Webb GliderBeaird/Saba2021M.S. Operational Oceanography
Clifford Watkins
Mixed Layer Dynamics: Exploring the Impacts of Storms in the Mid Atlantic Bight

Glenn2021Ph.D.Postdoctoral Researcher at U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Sarah Murphy
Coastal Upwelling and the Offshore Wind EnvironmentMiles2021M.S.Offshore Wind scientist, Environmental Design & Research, Landscape Architecture, Engineering & Environmental Services
Joe Anarumo
An Open-Source Software Application for Drifter Trajectory Prediction in the Mid-Atlantic BightBeaird2020M.S. Operational OceanographyEnvironmental Science Analyst at Sage Services
Julia Engdahl
Developing an automated analysis of fish migration video using computer vision algorithmsBeaird2020M.S. Operational OceanographyOceanographic Data Specialist at Lynker Technologies
Michael Brown
Drivers of phytoplankton dynamics, and corresponding impacts on biogeochemistry, along the West Antarctic PeninsulaSchofield2020Ph.D.Post-Doctoral Research Scientist at the Finger Lakes Institute of Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY
Nicole Couto
Circulation and Heat Transport on the West Antarctic Peninsula Continental ShelfSchofield2017Ph.D.Postdoctoral Scholar, Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Filipa Carvalho
Coupled physical and phytoplankton dynamics in coastal AntarcticaKohut & Schofield2017Ph.D.Post-Doctoral Researcher in Ocean Biogeochemistry and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, National Oceanography Centre, Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems Group, Southampton, United Kingdom
Greg Seroka
Stratified Coastal Ocean Interactions with Hurricanes and the Sea Breeze in the U.S. Mid-AtlanticGlenn2016Ph.D.Physical Scientist at NOAA/NOS Coast Survey Development Lab
Jacqueline McSweeneySediment Transport Dynamics in Delaware EstuaryChant2016Ph.D.Postdoctoral Scholar, Integrative Oceanography Division Scripps Institution of Oceanography UC San Diego
Nicole Waite
The Role of Sediment Sulfide in Seagrass Decline in Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor, NJSevermann2015M.Sc.Marine and Glider Technician, Rutgers University
Travis Miles
Observations and modeling of the coastal ocean beneath tropical and extra-tropical cyclonesGlenn2014Ph.D.Assistant Research Professor, Rutgers University
Maria Aristizabal
Salt dispersion in Delaware Bay EstuaryChant2013Ph.D.Research Analyst
Yi Xu
Phytoplankton dynamics studying using observation and bio-physical modelingSchofield2013Ph.D.Researcher, State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China
Dove Guo
The effect of wind and momentum advection in the James River estuary from field observationsChant2012M.Sc.
Joe Jurisa
Impact of cross-shelf winds and estuarine/coastal ocean coupling on buoyant plume systemsChant2012Ph.D.Research Associate, Portland State University
Laura Palamara-Nazzaro
Improving models of covariation between marine communities and their habitats by incorporating pelagic features captured by coastal ocean observatoriesKohut2011M.Sc.Research Programmer, Rutgers University
Donglai Gong
Mesoscale variability on the New Jersey shelfGlenn2010Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary
Rachel Sipler
The role of dissolved organic matter in structuring microbial community compositionSeitzinger & Schofield2009Ph.D.Research Scientist, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
L. Alex Kahl
Phytoplankton physiology and export fluxSchofield2008Ph.D.Policy Advisor at U.S. Dept. of State
Ramya RamaduraiWater mass classification using band ratiosGlenn2008M.Sc.Global Program Manager, CSM. Cleveland, OH
Matt Oliver
Towards a synthesis of continental shelf dynamics and eukaryotic phytoplankton evolutionFalkowski & Schofield2006Ph.D.Patricia & Charles Robertson Associate Professor of Marine Science and Policy, School of Marine Science and Policy and Department of Geography, College of Earth, Ocean and Environment, University of Delaware
Felisa Wolfe-Simon
The role and evolution of superoxide dismutases in algaeFalkowski & Schofield2006Ph.D.Chan-Norris Distinguished Visiting Professor, Dept. of Chemistry and Physics, Mills College
Zoe Finkel
Physiological bases for environmentally driven changes in phytoplankton community structureFalkowski & Schofield2005Ph.D.Tier I Canada Research Chair in Biological Oceanography at Dalhousie University in the Oceanography Department
Trisha Bergmann
The physiological ecology and natural distribution patterns of cryptomonad algae in coastal aquatic ecosystemsFalkowski & Schofield2004Ph.D.International Policy & Diplomacy, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Louis Bowers
The effect of sea surface temperature on sea breeze dynamics along the coast of New JerseyGlenn2004M.Sc.Senior Wind Energy Meteorologist, Avangrid Renewables
Joe Grzymski
Ecosystem, cellular and sub-cellular dynamics of the marine, diatom plastidSchofield2002Ph.D.Senior Director, Applied Innovation Center at DRI, Co-Director, Renown Institute for Health Innovation
Josh Kohut
Spatial current structure observed with a calibrated HF-Radar system: the influence of local forcing, stratification, and topography on the inner shelfGlenn2002Ph.D.Professor, Rutgers University
Hank Statscewich
Wind-Forced Upwelling Over High Latitute Submarine Canyons: A Numerical Modeling StudyGlenn2001M.Sc.Research Scientist, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Co-Founder AKKA LLC
Sasha Tozzi
Competition and succession of key marine phytoplankton functional groups in a variable environmentFalkowski & Schofield2001M.Sc.Algae Technical Manager at Alltech, Scientific Advisor, OMEGA
Hai Pan
A coupled lake-atmosphere model (CLAM) and its application to Lake KinneretAvissar1999Ph.D.Senior Database Administrator/Database Team Lead at Edisonlearning Inc
Richard Styles
A continental shelf bottom boundary layer model: development, calibration, and applications to sediment transport in the Middle Atlantic BightGlenn1998Ph.D.Research Oceanographer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center, Coastal and hydraulics Laboratory, Vicksburg, MS
Mike Crowley
Monitoring the Gulf Stream: an application of remote sensing and geographic information systemsGlenn1993M.Sc.Technical Director: RUCOOL & MARACOOS, Rutgers University