For scientists

  • Broader Impacts Wizard: We have developed a smart software tool that can help scientists prepare their broader impact statement. The tool helps create a draft outline of a statement that includes an appropriate activity, budget, objective, and evaluation plan. The site also has case studies and practical information on how to implement broader impact projects post award.
  • Science Communication Advice from Ari Daniel for Scientists: Ari Daniel, a Polar-ICE collaborator, is an oceanographer turned professional science reporter and multimedia producer. Ari produces digital interactives and web videos for NOVA, and has reported on science topics across five continents. In the multi-part on-line series, Ari provides some insight into how he works on telling science stories and how scientists can work to tell the story of their own science.

Highlights: for Educators and Scientists

  • Tools of Science: The ‘Tools of Science’ is a series of educational videos and hands on lessons designed to help high school students explore the nature and process of science. Developed by Drs. Kay Bidle and Kim Thamatrakoln, these short videos are designed to introduce the science and engineering practices from the point of view of practicing scientists. They can be integrated into any STEM unit to help illustrate the non-linear, cyclical nature of science and the creative vision and skills needed to conduct scientific research. The site helps students experience how scientists explore, observe, question, test, and communicate their science.
  • Polar Literacy Principles and Fundamental Concepts: For polar scientists, these principles define the important concepts to convey when communicating the broader impacts of their research. For educators, these principles provide guidance on significant concepts to teach about the Polar Regions.
  • Polar ICE Data Stories: These are short on-line interactives are designed to make polar science interesting and digestible to teachers and students in grades 6-9. We partnered with polar researchers to identify compelling stories that could be told through narrative interactive visualizations.
  • Antarctica Melting: A Story in 4 Acts: a four-part audio slideshow series on the fastest winter warming place on Earth, as seen through the eyes of three scientists. Produced by COSEE NOW’s own Ari Daniel Shapiro, the slideshows provide a first hand look into the role that global climate change has had in transforming the Antarctic ecosystem.
  • Data Explorations with OOI: Looking for ways to connect your undergraduates in introductory courses with authentic data from the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI)? This site has three collections of short data interactives designed to help teach oceanographic concepts in biological, geological and chemical oceanography.