Bandan Meteorologi Klimatologi dan Geofisika (BMKG)
Jakarta, Indonesia | Mar 25, 2021
Scott Glenn International Conference on Tropical Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (ICTMAS) In Conjunction with World Meteorological Day 2021
AtlantOS Ocean Hour | Mar 9, 2021
Scott Glenn AtlantOS Storms
Marine Technology Society Webinar Series: The Marine Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems | Feb 24, 2021
Hugh Roarty Integration of UAS into Lifesaving Operations
Hooked on Ocean Acidification Mini-Series sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Acidification Network (MACAN) and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System (MARACOOS) | Feb 18, 2021
Grace Saba Ocean and Coastal Acidification in the Mid-Atlantic: the What, the Why, & the Risks
RUCOOL at Rutgers Virtual Congressional Outreach | Feb 10, 2021
Oscar Schofield Rutgers is a world leader in environmental observing and modeling
Time for Turbines | Jan 27, 2021
Joseph Brodie Technology for Understanding Offshore Wind and the Environment
GOMO Hurricane Meeting | Jan 26, 2021
Scott Glenn The Value of Coordinated Observations: Hurricane Gliders
Virtual Meeting on Behalf of the National Academy of Sciences | Jan 8, 2021
Oscar Schofield Mid-Term Assessment of NSF Progress on the 2015 Strategic Vision for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Research
Glider update of the SWOT satellite calibration effort. SWOT Calibration Science Team | Jan 6, 2021
Oscar Schofield Glider Platform for SWOT field campaign