MARACCOS 20th Anniversary, Washington DC | May 22, 2024
Hugh Roarty Surface Currents for US Coast Guard Search and Rescue
IEEE Radar Conference, Denver, CO | May 8, 2024
Hugh Roarty The History of Oceanographic High Frequency Radar at Rutgers University
USVI Coastal Ocean Modelling Workshop | May 2, 2024
Hugh Roarty Surface Currents of Puerto Rico and USVI
CWTM 2024 North Carolina | March 18-20, 2024
Hugh Roarty Determining the Origin and Fate of Oceanic eDNA
Brendan Henley Determining the Seasonality of Oceanic eDNA Source Waters
AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, New Orleans | February 18-23, 2024
Teemer Barry Fall-Winter Seasonal Dynamics in the In Situ Bio-Optics for the Mid-Atlantic Bight
Lauren Cook Novel quantification of carbon production for a dominant Northwest Atlantic forage fish, Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus; family: Clupeidae) under ambient and projected future summer temperatures
Quintin Diou-cass Seasonal variability of the fluorescence-based phytoplankton photophysiology estimates for rapidly warming the West Antarctic Peninsula
Scott Glenn Observatons and Forecasts of Hurricane Interactions with the Loop Current: Hurricane Idalia
Scott and Oscar The View from the COOLroom
Joe Gradone CC14C-1227 Observations of Water Mass Properties in the Caribbean Through-Flow and their Implications for the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
Josh Kohut PI44A-1730 Small Scale Physical Controls of Forgaing Behavior in a Polar Biological Hotspot;
ED44C-0221 Workforce Development Supporting the Blue Economy: Undergraduate Research in the Classroom
Sage Lichtenwalner Reflections from the OOI Data Labs Community of Practice
Grace Saba An Autonomous-based Oceanographic and Ecological Baseline to Inform Offshore Wind Development
Jackie Veatch PI41A-07 Finding Marine Grocery Stores: A Lagrangian Approach to Prey Concentrating Features in Palmer Deep, Antarctica
Travis Miles Ocean Mixing during hurricane Ida (2021): the impact of a freshwater barrier layer
Nicole Waite Changing phytoplankton community structure across the Western Antarctic Peninsula in response to climate change.
Fernando Pareja-Roman The Role of Capes on River Plume Mixing, Retention, and Transport in the Coastal Ocean: Idealized Modeling
Michael Chen Seasonality of the Eddy Subduction Pump in the Southern Ocean
Leah Hopson Exploring the Relationship between Ocean Heat Content and Tropical Cyclone Precipitation within the Gulf of Mexico
Oscar Schofield Ecological responses in Antarctic coastal food webs and the biogeochemical implications in the rapidly warming West Antarctic Peninsula
Hugh Roarty CP34C-1895 Two Decades of Current Measurements off the Jersey Shore
Daphne Munroe Monitoring Surfclams at Offshore Wind Energy
Project Sites in the Mid-Atlantic