Meeting Date Presenter(s) Title of Presentation
Annual Rutgers Observatory Update with Dr. Richard Spinrad, Assistant Administrator of NOAA 12/14/2005 Scott Glenn, Oscar Schofield & Josh Kohut in Washington, DC. Rutgers Coastal Observatory – Provide a Long-term Shelf-wide Context for High Resolution Nested Process Studies Progress Since 1997
University of Connecticut 12/02/2005 Oscar Schofield & Scott Glenn View from the COOLroom
US Naval Academy , Annapolis, MD USA 11/08/2005 Scott Glenn Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observation Lab: Technology Training Opportunities
Autonomous and Lagrangian Platforms and Sensors (ALPS), Portland, Oregon 11/1/2005 Scott Glenn, Oscar Schofield, Josh Kohut, Hugh Roarty, Chip Haldemann, Clayton Jones(Webb), Tom Campbell (Dinkum), Liz Creed and Trisha Bergmann (Special Forces). Rutgers University – Webb Research Partnership for Glider Technologies
Freeport Tuna Club Visit, Freeport, New York 10/27/2005 Jennifer Bosch & Sage Lichtenwalner An evening with RU COOL
Bodo, Norway Visit
HF-Radar Project Meeting RHQNN
10/24/2005 Raymond Knutsen HF-Radar Project Meeting RHQNN
Scott Glenn, Oscar Schofield, Bob Chant, Josh Kohut, Hugh Roarty Rutgers University – Coastal Ocean Observatory
Estuarine Research Federation, Norfolk, VA 10/19/05 Scott Glenn Lagrangian Transport & Transformation Experiment – An Interdisciplinary Process Study of the Hudson River Plume in an Operational Research Observatory
Scott Glenn ERF Synthesis
Shallow Water ’06 Joint Experiment Planning Meeting, Minneapolis, MN 10/16/2005 Scott Glenn Why a Shelf-wide Perspective is Important
Oceanographer of the Navy Visit 10/6/2005 Bob Winokur Long-term Ecosystem Observatory
Scott Glenn Evolution of the COOLroom
Scott Glenn, Josh Kohut, Oscar Schofield (Rutgers), Clayton Jones and Doug Webb (Webb Research) Gliders – Subsurface remote sensing
Scott Glenn Coastal Atmospheric Modeling for both Operational and Research Applications using the Weather Research Forecast (WRF) Model
Josh Kohut, Scott Glenn, Oscar Schofield and many others

Application of a nested HF radar network in the New York Bight

also:  codar_rut.avi (18 MB)

Julia Levin, Gordon Zhang, John Wilkin, Hernan Arango

Adjoint Sensitivity Studies on the US East Coast

also:  latte_adsen_temp-temp_north.avi

Hernan Arango

ROMS/TOMS Status: Algorithms, Adjoint and Applications

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IAS_fs.avi (54 MB)

movie clips  AUV-1.mpeg
ONR Site Visit: Rutgers 9/25/05 Oscar Schofield, Josh Kohut, Scott Glenn (Rutgers), Mike Twardowski, Casey Moore (Wetlabs), Tom Stefanic, Thomas Giddings (Metron, Inc.) Nephaloid layers and gliders
Josh Kohut, Scott Glenn, Oscar Schofield (Rutgers) Application of a nested HF radar network in the Mid-Atlantic Bight
Mike Twardowski (WetLabs), Ron Zaneveld, Casey Moore (WETLabs), Oscar Schofield (Rutgers), Tyler Helble (SPAWAR) Diver Visibility and Environmental Optics Sensor for AUVs: SAM also: MovieClip (11 MB)
Delaware University Invited Seminar, Newark, Delaware 9/23/05 Josh Kohut Application of a nested HF radar network in the New York Bight
North Atlantic Carbon Meeting, Boulder, CO 9/19 – 9/21 Oscar Schofield, Robert Chant, Scott Glenn, Josh Kohut Space and Subsurface Remote Sensing of Carbon Cycling for the Mid-Atlantic
Linking Elements of the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Workshop, Rutgers University 9/19 – 9/21 Eric F. Vowinkel, U.S. Geological Survey Watershed Monitoring Above the Head of Tide in the Delaware River Basin
Chris Sommerfield, University of Delaware, College of Marine Studies Oceanography Program Observing Delaware River – Bay: University of Delaware Intitiatives
Bob Carullo Talking Points for IOOS Workshop
Jonathan Sharp, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware, Lewes Ecosystem Response with Water Quality Monitoring on the Delaware Estuary
Barry Burgan, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Coastal Condition Report II, Delaware Estuary
Scott Glenn, Oscar Schofield, Robert Chant & Josh Kohut Linking IOOS & NWQMN: Applications of New Estuarine & Coastal Observing Technologies
Ed Santoro Challenge Questions
M.J. Hameedi Workshop to link water quality observations and monitorint with elements of the Integrated Ocean Observing System – Delaware Watershelf, Bay and the coastal ocean
Robert Chant & Scott Glenn River/Ocean interactions: added insights from a coastal observatory
Bob Connell NJDEP Monitoring in the Delaware Estuary
Oceans 2005 09/19/05 Josh Kohut, Bob Chant, Scott Glenn (Rutgers), Bob Houghton (Lamont), Bernie Gardner (U.Mass), John Wilkin (Rutgers), John Reinfelder (Rutgers), Bob Chen (U. Mass), Paul Bissett (FERI), Tom Frazer (U. Florida), Mark Moline (Cal-Poly), Oscar Schofield (Rutgers), Meng Zhou (U.Mass) Lagrangian Transport & Transformation Experiment – “An Interdisciplinary Process Study of the Hudson River Plume in an Operational Research Observatory”
Scott Glenn, Oscar Schofield, Josh Kohut, Bob Chant, Janice McDonnell Educational Needs in the Changing Field of Operational Oceanography
Oscar Schofield, Scott Glenn, Josh Kohut  ocean view from the COOLRoom
Nonlinear Internal Wave Intiative Meeting
San Francisco, CA
8/24/05 Scott Glenn  Shallow Water 2006 Physical Oceanographic Pilot Study: Preliminary Results from Rutgers Coastal Observatory
Vessel Tracking – Office of Naval Research
Arlington, VA
8/15/05 Scott Glenn Development of a Triple Nested HF Radar Test Bed for Current Mapping and Ship Detection
Invited Presentation: Executive Office of Science & Technology Policy
Washington, DC Whitehouse
7/18/05 Scott Glenn & Oscar Schofield Ocean Observatories: 1(Orion) + 1(IOOS) = 3
Long Beach Island Center for Arts & Sciences Long Beach Island, New Jersey 7/13/05 Jennifer Bosch

An evening with RU Cool

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Recirc.avi (14 MB)

CODAR Ocean Sensors – Superdirective Meeting California USA 7/5/05 Josh Kohut  World’s First Triple Nested HF Radar Test Bed for Current Mapping and Ship Detection
IOW Meeting, Wandermunde, Germany 6/15/05 Oscar Schofield Dawn in the Age of Ocean Observatories
Gordon Conference 6/13/05 Donglai Gong, Jennifer Bosch, Robert Chant, Josh Kohut, Hugh Roarty Coastal Plume & Shelf Circulation – LaTTE 2005 Remote Sensing Resulsts
Arthur Yan Sea breeze affect on New York bight: Study by Remote Sensing
Robert Chant  Lagrangian Transport and Transformation Experiment
Glider Consortium Meeting, Seattle, WA USA 6/13/05 Scott Glenn Rutgers University – Webb Research Corporation: Partnership for Glider Technology Development
TOS 2005 – International Ocean Research Conference, Paris FRANCE 6/6 – 6/10 Matt Oliver Retrotransposons in Diatoms: Assessing the Tempo of Evolution
Josh Kohut  Lagrangian Transport & Transformation Experiment: An Interdisiplinary Process Study of the Hudson River Plume in an Operational Research Observatory – Physical Response
Tom Frazer (U. of Florida, Gainesville) Lagrangian Transport & Transformation Experiment: An Interdisiplinary Process Study of the Hudson River Plume in an Operational Research Observatory – Phytoplankton, Zooplankton and Metals
Bob Chant  7 Years & 11,000 km Later: Slocum Coastal Electric Gliders are Central to ANY Operational Ocean Observatory
Chant_Tos05PDF (447kb)
Oscar Schofield (Rutgers), Mark Moline (CalPoly), Herve Claustre (Observatoire Oceanologique de Villafranche), Thomas Frazer (U. of Florida, Gainsville), Maria Vernet (Scripps) Shift in the Antarctiv Penninsula Food Web in Response to Regional Warming
Oscar Schofield, Matt Oliver (Rutgers), Mark Moline (CalPoly) Variability iin photosynthetic quantum yields in coastal Antarctic waters
Scott Glenn Coastal Observatory of the Future: R.U. Cool Glenn_Tos05PDF (408kb)
MACOORA Meeting 2005 5/17/05 Scott Glenn

Identifying Pilot Projects

also: puv05mgf_50all_3d_1.qt

Scott Glenn Ocean.US Surface Current Mapping Initiative (SCMI)
8th International Conf. on Remote Sensing – Halifax, Nova Scotia 5/16/05 Jennifer Bosch Lagrangian Transport & Transformation Experiment – 2005 Field Season: Applications of Real-time Remote Sensing Data in an Operational Research Observatory
ICOMM 5/12/05 Oscar Schofield NSF Initiatives: Some subsurface programs of interest to ICOMM  
Lamont-Doherty earth Observatory 5/5/05 Matthew Oliver Bioinformatic Approaches for Objective Detection of Water Masses on Continental Shelves: Early Results from LaTTE 2005
ROW-5 Meeting, Pedscadero, CA 5/5/05 Josh Kohut  Integration of Coastal Ocean Dynamics Application Radar (CODAR) surface current data and Short term Predictive System (STPS) into the Search and Rescue Optimal Planning System (SAROPS)
Scott Glenn Lagrangian Transport & Transformation Experiment
Hugh Roarty The World’s First Triple Nested HF Radar Test Bed for Current Mapping and Ship Detection
ASLO Meeting 2/20 – 2/25 John Quinlan Understanding the Landscape Fisheries surveys within an integrated ocean observing system in the New York bight
VIMS –  Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences 1/28/05 Oscar Schofield Building an Integrated Ocean Observatory: the View from the COOLroom
GOES Satellite Meeting , Portland, Oregon 1/24/05 Oscar Schofield Coast Workshop – Four Reasons for High Frequency Data
American Meteorological Society – 85th Annual Meeting, San Diego USA 1/9-1/13 Louis Bowers Forecast Consulting as an Educational Tool