Meeting Date Presenter(s) Title of Presentation
Ocean Observatory Intiative National Science FOUNDATION December, 2007 Oscar Schofield Dawn in the new millennium of oceanography: The Ocean Observatories Initiative
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AGU Fall Meeting
San Francisco, CA
December 11, 2007 Scott Glenn, Janice McDonnell & Sage Lichtenwalner, Timothy Zimmerman, Catherine Halversen,
Craig Strang & Lynn Ingram
COSIA: Communicating Ocean Sciences to Informal Audiences
Estuarine Research Federation
Providence, RI
November 8, 2007 Scott Glenn, Oscar Schofield, Robert Chant, John Wilkin, Josh Kohut, Janice McDonnell Innovating Ocean Science and Technology for a Healthy Planet
ONR Northeast Annual Review
Providence, RI
October, 2007 Emmanuel Boss, Paul Hill, Tim Milligan, John Trowbridge, Mike Twardowski, Oscar Schofield, OASIS: Optics, Acoustics and Stress: The effects of particle dynamics on optical and acoustical properties in the bottom boundary layer
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DHS Review October, 2007 Scott Glenn Protective Security Advisors “Securing the Nation’s critical infrastructure one community at a time”
  October, 2007 John Kerfoot Three Commonalities
Rutgers October, 2007 Josh Kohut Unveiling transport pathways on the New York Bight and its importance for shelf biogeochemistry, human economy,  health and safety
Bermuda October, 2007 Oscar Schofield, Scott Glenn, Jorge Corredor, Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez, Lee Kerkhof, Gary Kirkpatrick, Josh Kohut, Julio Morell, Mark Moline, Matt Oliver, Michael Twardowski

Robotic Networks and Unveiling the Forcing of Biological Complexity in the Oceans.

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Middle Atlantic Bight Physical Oceanography and Meteorology 2007  October 30, 2007 Fanghua Xu Simulation of tidal variations in suspended floc size distribution
Jindong Wang, Robert E. Wilson, Malcolm J. Bowman

Simulation of storm-induced transport within the East River tidal strait

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Ana E. Rice, Rich W. Garvine & Pablo Huq Characteristics of Mixing in the Delaware Shelf 
Weifeng (Gordon) Zhang, John Wilkin, Robert Chant Modeling of the mean dynamics and freshwater pathways on New Jersey shelf
Brian Dzwonkowski Sub-inertial Mid-Shelf offshore flows in the surface layer
Bob Chant , Elias Hunter, Scott Glenn, Gordon Zhang, John Wilkin, Josh Kohut Bulge formation of the Hudson River outflow: the roles of tides and Diurnal winds.
Scott Galager A Bentho-Pelagic Observatory (NEBO)
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan HF Radar Data Assimilation into the New York Harbor Observing and Predicting System (NYHOPS)
Michael M. Whitney Variability of river discharge and salinity along the Middle Atlantic Bight
Elizabeth Livermont & Jon K. Miller & Thomas O. Herrington A Non-parametric Model for Predicting Nearshore Wave Heights from Offshore Observations
R. W. Houghton and R. Chant Vertical salt flux into a river plume:LaTTE observations vs. Gradient Richardson number calculations
Nickitas Georgas The new high-resolution NYHOPS OFS.
Validation results and findings
Teresa Garner Surface Current Mapping in the Lower Chesapeake Bay
Adam Skarke, Philip Muscarella, Bruce Lipphardt, Mohsen Badiey, Art Trembanis, and Kuo Wong Monitoring current variability at the mouth of Delaware Bay using multiple observing platforms
Shih-Nan Chen and Lawrence P. Sanford Axial Wind Effects on Stratification in an Idealized,Partially Mixed Estuary
MACOORA Annual Meeting
Baltimore, MD
October 30, 2007 Scott Glenn FY2007 Regional Integrated Ocean Observing System Development
OCEANS September, 2007 Oscar Schofield

Evolution of the Coastal Ocean Observation Lab A Dual Use Facility

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Trention Public Policy Seminar Series, Trenton, New Jersey September 18, 2007 Scott Glenn, Andrew Voros Robots, Radars & Remote Sensing: Transforming Ocean Science, Education & Extension through Innovative Technologies
Science Retreat August, 2007 Oscar Schofield, Scott Glenn Climate & Energy Initiatives: Ocean Observation & Modeling
Acapulco, Mexico August, 2007 Oscar Schofield Coastal Ocean Modeling, Observation, and Prediction
Maine Biological Lab August, 2007 Oscar Schofield Phytoplankton Biomass and productivity in the PAL domain – A newbie perspective
Long Beach Island Foundation for Arts and Sciences August 14, 2007 Sage Lichtenwalner

COOL Ways to Observe the Ocean

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PACON 2007 June, 2007 Scott Glenn & Oscar Schofield, Josh Kohut, Robert Chant, John Wilkin, Janice McDonnell

Innovating Ocean Science and Technology for a Healthy Planet

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CBIBS Inside & Out (Professional Development Institute at VIMS) June 28, 2007 Janice McDonnell, Sage Lichtenwalner & Josh Kohut Observing the Ocean from inside the COOLroom
NATO May, 2007 Oscar Schofield Command & Control and Med visit
    Scott Glenn Coastal Ocean Modeling, Observation, and Prediction
EsPresso PI Meeting Rutgers May, 2007 John Kindle, Robert Arnone, Igor Shulman, William Teague, Zhong Ping Lee

BIOSPACE- Bio-Optical Studies of Predictability and Assimilation for the Coastal Environment FY2008-2012

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AGU Joint Assembly May 22, 2007 Renato Castelao Cross-shelf transport of freshwater in the New Jersey Shelf Meeting
NOAA May, 2007 Scott Glenn & Oscar Schofield (Scotscar), Josh Kohut, Robert Chant, John Wilkin, Janice McDonnell

Innovating Ocean Science and Technology for a Healthy Planet

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  April, 2007   Phased Deployment and Operation of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Coastal Ocean Observing System (MARCOOS)
Observing Systems in the Great Lakes: Best Education/Outreach Practices, Traverse City, Michigan April 11, 2007 Sage Lichtenwalner Education & Outreach Lessons Learned in the COOLroom
Dalhousie University February, 2007 Oscar Schofield, Josh Kohut, Janice McDonnell, Robert Chant, & Scott Glenn Innovating Ocean Science and Technology for a Healthy Planet with ICOOL
NCF Polar Programs January, 2007   NSF_OPP.ppt (56 MB)
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Rutgers Geology Museum Open House January 27, 2007 Scott Glenn, Oscar Schofield, Josh Kohut, Bob Chant, Janice McDonnell Transition to Operatioinal Oceanography in the Rutgers COOLroom
Tianjen January, 2007 Oscar Schofield, Scott Glenn Innovating Ocean Science and Technology for a Healthy Planet
Invited Talks
Madrid, Spain
January 20 – 25,2007 Josh Kohut

ESEOO Talk – Transition to Operational Oceanography in the Rutgers COOLroom

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NSF Antarctic Meeting – Washington DC January 18, 2007 Oscar Schofield

Genomic classification of the World’s Oceans

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 NJ Marine Science Consortium Visit to Tianjin, China January 7-9, 2007 Oscar Schofield and Scott Glenn Innovating Ocean Science and Technology for a Healthy Planet
Scott Glenn and Oscar Schofield

Innovating Ocean Science and Technology for a Healthy Planet

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Cold Water Immersion Apr 04 Allen
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