Underwater Glider User Group (UG2) Workshop (Seattle) | September, 2022
Joseph Gradone Slocum Glider ADP Based Observations of Caribbean Through-Flow and Their Implications for Global Climate
Virtual meeting hosted by Southern Ocean Observing System (Tasmania) | September 14, 2022
Oscar Schofield WASPA Updates & Plans
4H STEM Ambassador Program | July 13, 2022
Hugh Roarty Integration of UAS into Lifesaving Operations
Oceans of Possibilities | July 8, 2022
Joe Gradone Using Autonomous Underwater Robots to Collect Climate Data throughout the Global Ocean
Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry Summer Workshop | June 20-23, 2022
Grace Saba New Insights on the Role of Fishes in Ocean Carbon Flux
Grace Saba ‘Eco-gliders’ as novel platforms for ocean health and ecosystem monitoring and research
Meeting with Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay | June 15, 2022
Hugh Roarty Evaluation of Environmental Data for Search and Rescue II
2022 MARACOOS Annual Meeting | May 10, 2022
The 5th Ocean Radar Conference for Asia-Pacific | June 14, 2022
Hugh Roarty The Global High Frequency Radar Network
2022 MARACOOS Annual Meeting | May 10, 2022
Mike Crowley 2022 MARACOOS Operations Update
National Weather Service Marine Service Program Team | May 10, 2022
Hugh Roarty and Chad Whelan Wave Data from HF Radar
United Kingdom Bipole Program | April 27, 2022
Oscar Schofield Food web dynamics during a recent recovery in sea ice
OSW LBIF | April 18, 2022
Josh Kohut, Joseph Brodie Perspectives on Offshore Wind and the Environment from a Local Oceanographer and Meteorologist
Ocean Science | February 28 – March 4, 2022
Joseph Gradone Observing Essential Ocean Features in the Eastern Caribbean for a Safe and Predicted Ocean
Laura Nazzaro Mapping North Atlantic right whale distribution relative to coastal ocean features in the Mid Atlantic Bight
Jackie Veatch Using Lagrangian Coherent Structures to Quantify Prey Concentrating Features in Coastal Biological Hotspot
Grace Saba Anomalous intrusions of warm core ring water onto the Mid-Atlantic Bight shelf alleviate acidification but increase warming during summer 2021
Oscar Schofield Food web dynamics along a changing West Antarctic Peninsula
Quintin Diou-Cass 20 Years Of Pigment Data Suggests Regional Shift In Energy Supply To Phytoplankton Communities In The Western Antarctic Peninsula
Hugh Roarty Evaluation of the NOAA Operational Forecast System in Delaware Bay
IFISSH 2022 | February 14, 2022
Josh Kohut, Joseph Brodie Fisheries Oceanography and Atmospheric Science
OSW Pinelands Preservation Alliance | February 10, 2022
Josh Kohut An Oceanographer’s Perspective on Offshore Wind Energy and Our Ocean Planet
OSW JCNEER | February 9, 2022
Josh Kohut Underwater robots help inform the deployment of offshore wind
Graduate Student Ph.D. Thesis Defense | February 8, 2022
Sam Coakley The evolution of a stratified upper ocean under tropical cyclone forcing
Maritime Security Center Webinar | January 19, 2022
Hugh Roarty Multi-Mission Radar for the US Coast Guard