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Hurricane Irene from NASA

A researcher’s decision to put an underwater drone in Hurricane Irene’s path is helping to transform the science of hurricane intensity prediction. Jan Ellen Spiegel | UNDARK.org In August 2011, with Hurricane Irene bearing down on the mid-Atlantic coast, Scott Glenn, an ocean engineering researcher at Rutgers University, made a bold decision. While most other […]

IEEE 2019

RUCOOL’s Hugh Roarty and Josh Kohut attended the 2019 IEEE / OES Twelfth Currents, Waves, Turbulence Measurement and Applications Workshop (CWTMA) at the Catamaran Resort in San Diego from March 10- 13. Not only was Dr. Roarty the workshops technical chair of the event but he also presented “Evaluation of Wave Data from HR Radar […]


RUCOOL hosted a meeting with the Marine Technology Society leadership on March 14th. During the visit their administrative staff was immersed into hands on oceanographic research with Slocum underwater gliders and CODAR HF-Radar systems. Our undergraduate students stole the show on this day while having interactive and inspiring research discussions with Dr. Rick Spinrad, MTS […]


Focus Areas

The Rutgers University Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (RUCOOL) is creating knowledge of our ocean planet by pushing the limits of science and new technologies while inspiring future generations of ocean explorers.


Understanding the ocean

Understanding the ocean

The ocean shapes Earth's climate and weather, and the largest uncertainties reflect the marine environment. RUCOOL is focused on understanding the underlying processes that impact our ability to predict marine systems. Learn more »


Developing a blue economy

Developing a blue economy

RUCOOL provides the most comprehensive ocean and atmospheric data supporting business and local-state-federal agencies to ensure smart and sustainable use of the coastal waters in the Mid-Atlantic. Learn more »


Extreme ocean environments

Extreme ocean environments

RUCOOL is studying the most extreme ocean environments on Earth, spanning typhoons to ice-covered seas. The focus is not only on understanding these systems but how they will be modified by climate change. Learn more »


Empowering the next generation

Empowering the next generation

RUCOOL is innovating education practices to enable all humanity be active explorers of their ocean planet. These tools are being used to develop the next generation of ocean scientists and engineers. Learn more »

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Undergraduate Students

A major in marine sciences provides students with a broad curriculum in the sciences, which demonstrates how the different disciplines can be brought to bear on understanding marine processes and managing ocean resources wisely. Learn more »

Master's Students

The Graduate Program in Oceanography is centered in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, which serves as a focus of interdisciplinary studies and research in estuarine, coastal and open-ocean environments. Learn more »

PH.D Students

The PhD degree in the Graduate Program in Oceanography is intended to train students at an advanced level in interdisciplinary science and technology related to oceanographic, climatic, littoral, and coastal marine processes. Learn more »

Empowering the next generation

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