RUCOOL has been delivering real-time imagery to its website since 1994. This month we are introducing a new faster and easier to use viewer for all new and archived imagery, which is located at: Not only has the front end GUI been updated, but so have the images themselves. The new images have higher […]

The Ocean and Coastal Observing –Virgin Islands (OCOVI) team that is part of the Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System (CARICOOS), partnered up with RUCOOL to deploy the RU29 glider hurricane hunter just south of St. Thomas this week. Video of the deployment can be viewed here. Data from this glider is available here. The goal […]

Travel down to the West Antarctic Peninsula, one of the fastest warming locations on Earth. The rising temperatures are decreasing the amount of sea ice present and changes are now rippling through the food web. We discuss the findings of a 30-year effort to document the changing ecology of this region and reflect on how […]

Congratulations to Joe Anarumo who successfully presented his Masters work on Wednesday. Joe is a member of the first cohort of the Operational Oceanography masters program. During his time in DMCS Joe became an expert in using open-source drifter simulation code. His thesis plugged local observational resources into the drifter simulation code OpenDrift to create […]

Congratulations to Julia Engdahl who successfully defended her Masters thesis! Part of the first cohort of DMCS’ new program in Operational Oceanography, Julia has developed deep expertise in observing systems and cutting edge ocean data processing. Her thesis developed and tested algorithmic and machine learning approaches to analyzing underwater video. This work, “Developing an automated […]

Torpedo shaped machines known as Slocum ocean gliders travel anywhere from the ocean’s surface to more than 3,000 feet underwater, collecting critical data that not only improves forecasts but will ultimately help mitigate the damage and destruction from hurricanes. “Hurricanes since 1980 have accounted for about $870 billion in damage, about 6.5 thousand deaths,” said […]

Two weeks. That is the amount of time Janice McDonnell and Sage Lichtenwalner, Co-PIs of the OOI Ocean Data Lab Project, had to create an eight-week intensive, hands-on virtual program for Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) students, who couldn’t attend their original programs due to COVID-19 restrictions. McDonnell and Lichtenwalner jumped in with both feet […]