The Oceanography Society (TOS) congratulates the Rutgers Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (RUCOOL) team on its selection as the recipient of the TOS Ocean Observing Team Award. This award recognizes innovation and excellence in sustained ocean observing for scientific and practical applications. The citation on the team’s certificate recognizes RUCOOL for transforming oceanography by sharing […]

MS of Operational Oceanography (MOO) students recently visited Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) in Monroe, NJ to learn about OPT’s diverse marine technologies and their applications. The visit was hosted by Maria Force, Jeremiah Mendez, Ariana Dyer (a Rutgers ’23 alum), and Luis Cartagena-Soto, who provided an informative tour of the facility. During the tour, our […]

Students from the RUCOOL Masters in Operational Oceanography installed and configured a 5 MHz High Frequency radar in Sea Bright, NJ this past week.  The students installed the SeaSonde radar and configured the antenna pattern kit and communication router.  The data was flowing a few hours after they arrived.  This radar is being operated as […]

Multidisciplinary collaboration involving three schools and multiple departments will combine efforts of environmental and marine scientists as well as engineers A Rutgers research project focused on offshore wind energy is poised to make New Jersey a global leader in the field in a little more than a decade. The effort being launched by Rutgers researchers […]

Rutgers University Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (RUCOOL) has been awarded a $250,000 gift from the G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation to support climate, weather and ecosystem research and capacity building in the Caribbean Sea. “The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation has been an invaluable supporter of Rutgers and the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences (DMCS) […]

A 4-H youth development program changes perceptions, making students insiders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics Role models, often parents or other close family members, serve as crucial sources of inspiration for students engaged in making career choices in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), according to research studies. A big part of what Janice […]

This article was authored by Grace Saba, associate professor, and Josh Kohut, professor,  faculty in Rutgers University’s Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (RUCOOL) in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences. From late April to late September, Rutgers researchers used underwater robots, called gliders, to track ocean water quality along the New Jersey coast. Through […]