Seven SEBS faculty representing a broad range of majors and programs at the school were awarded 2022 Rutgers Global Grants, annual seed grants open to all Rutgers faculty, including tenured, tenure-track, clinical, and non-tenure track faculty.. These grants help to support a strong core of SEBS faculty who are dedicated to international research and collaborations. […]

Dr. Travis Miles was interviewed by AccuWeather yesterday discussing the uses of Rutgers underwater Slocum gliders towards forecasting hurricane intensities at landfall. The coastal ocean temperatures play an enormous role in the intensification of deintensification of tropical cyclones as they approach our coasts. Gliders acquire data from the ocean surface to the ocean floor, and […]

It’s been a spring of alarming headlines for the coldest climates on Earth, from record heat waves at both poles, to a never-before-seen ice shelf collapse in East Antarctica. But what can we say for sure about how the Arctic and Antarctic are changing under global warming? In this Zoom taping, guest host Umair Irfan […]

Congratulation Grace Saba who was granted tenure by Rutgers.  This is a well deserved honor. Dr. Grace Saba joined the Rutgers faculty as an Assistant Professor in 2015. Grace is one of the most dedicated and talented teachers in the Department. She has been anchor teacher in several upper division courses required by the marine […]

Congratulations to Emily Slesinger (and Grace) who received the School of Graduate Studies Distinguished Scholarly Achievement Award. The Distinguished Scholarly Achievement Award is the School of Graduate Studies’ most prestigious honor. Awarded to a student who demonstrates the highest possible level of academic excellence and achievement, this award celebrates extraordinary scholarship and research.

Congrats to RUCOOL Ph.D student Lauren Cook for receiving the Frank Marmin Memorial Scholarship from the International Women’s Fishing Association. The mission of the International Women’s Fishing Association Scholarship Trust is to grant research scholarships to graduate students who are committed to studies of the chemical, physical and biological processes of marine science with emphasis […]

On March 29th, Elizabeth (Liza) Wright-Fairbanks (right in the photo) presented her Commemorative Lecture for the Walter Munk Scholar Award from Marine Technology Society. Laura Lawson, the Interim Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources (School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station), introduced Liza and moderated the lecture. The […]