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This glider was deployed on the 2nd international mission from the US Virgin Islands and is transiting to the British Virgin Islands in order to study heat flow through the Anegada Straight. Equipped with temperature, salinity, depth and current measuring instruments, this glider will  monitor water transport and heat content in the upper 1000 meters of […]

Sea Water Ocean Topography (SWOT) is a radar interferometry mission making SSH measurements over a swath 120 km wide. There is a nadir gap of 20 km where the error from interferometry is not meeting science requirement. The current candidate for the in-situ measurement is an array of gliders along the center of a swath […]

The need for the improvement of the hurricane intensity forecasts has been recognized by groups within the National Weather Service (NWS) and US Navy. Hurricane forecasting models require accurate ocean and atmosphere initial conditions to better forecast hurricane intensity. One way to improve the initial conditions in operational ocean models is to use data assimilation, […]

Peggy Brennan-Tonetta, Ph.D | Rutgers University Dubbed the “United States’ Hottest Clean Energy Economy” by Forbes, New Jersey is poised to become a national leader in mitigating the impacts of climate change through ambitious clean energy and energy storage targets. In pursuing its goal to rely entirely on renewable energy by 2050, the State is […]

RUCOOL hosted The Mandela Washington Fellowship—a flagship program of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)— which empowers young African changemakers and leaders through academic and hands-on training and networking. Representatives from 16 African countries learned about RUCOOL’s research and had some hands on interactions with our glider fleet.

On July 18th, Brian Schilling, Frank Yesalavich, NJ Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling and Professor Dina Fonseca visited RUCOOL. After touring the COOLroom and getting some hands on time with underwater Slocum Gliders, we discussed a plethora of topics efforts including hurricane intensity research, wind energy, search and rescue, water quality and fisheries work. Photo taken in […]

NOAA | News & Features Four ocean gliders are setting off to sea this week to bring back data scientists hope will improve the accuracy of hurricane forecast models. The robotic, unmanned gliders are equipped with sensors to measure the salt content (salinity) and temperature as they move through the ocean at different depths. The […]

Dr. Hugh Roarty and Dr. Dale Trockel travelled to Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California to attend the Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation (WTRIM) Working Group.  Drs. Roarty and Trockel spoke of the importance of High Frequency radar and the potential impact to the radars from the development of offshore wind turbines.  Land-based High […]

RUCOOL was visited by forty students from the Rutgers Future Scholar’s program. They learned about topics ranging from what happens at the NJ beaches in the summer, to the ongoing climate change and it’s impacts that our students and faculty are monitoring in person in the Antarctic every winter. They even had some hands on […]

Congratulations to Josh Kohut who has been promoted to Full Professor. He was recognized for his efforts on translating science-based research in a way that informs applications, decision-making, and management of ocean resources. Beyond his research and extension work, Josh has established a highly effective graduate and undergraduate teaching program with a specific focus on […]