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Liza, a PhD candidate at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, studies ocean and coastal acidification in the Mid-Atlantic Bight (MAB). The MAB is a region nested within the U.S. Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem, and it supports some of the United States’ most economically important shell fisheries, many of which are sensitive to acidification. […]

The influences of ocean conditions and currents on living environments are now more widely appreciated—from the Earth’s climate and severe weather conditions to fisheries and biodiversity. Sustained and wide-spread measurements are needed to provide essential clues for understanding the oceans, for effective monitoring of environmental changes, and for helping to clarify the long-term effects of […]

Students from Brooklyn’s School for Human Rights visited the COOLroom and glider lab today. Discussions ranged from our current work at Palmer Station in Antarctica studying penguin populations, to more local research of offshore wind turbine planning, whale migration tracking and what’s happening just off the beaches of Brooklyn. We hope to see you again […]

Carl Gouldman, Director of NOAA’s US Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS), Kelly Jasion, IOOS Financial Specialist, and Mary Yates-Ford, the Director of Engagement and External relations for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System (MARACOOS), visited RUCOOL to view final presentations from our undergraduate research class. Carl Goldman shared his career experiences and the […]

On December 5, representatives from Rutgers University of New Brunswick (USA) and the National Oceanography Center of Southampton (UK) visited the facilities of the Maritime Instrumentation Center at the Seixal Watershed. This visit aimed to explore the conditions existing at the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute for a partnership in the construction and operation of a glider […]

On November 15, 2019 – our two Masters in Operational Oceanography students, Joe Anarumo and Julia Engdahl, recovered two gliders, ru28 and ru33, with glider technician Dave Aragon and the NJDEP. Thanks to beautiful piloting by Dave and Nicole Waite, the gliders were recovered only 80 yards apart, 3 miles off the shore of Atlantic […]

Two drifters from Pacific Gyre were deployed on Friday November 15, 2019. The drifters were deployed as part of a validation experiment for the surface current products that Rutgers produces. The drifters made several loops inside Raritan Bay then made landfall due to the northeast winds that struck the area over the weekend. The data […]

Over the last week, our graduate students got some hands on field work in the mid-Atlantic. On October 25th, Jackie Veatch, Joe Anarumo and Julia Engdahl deployed RU28 for its NJDEP funded water quality testing mission along the NJ coast. This glider mission, deployed by the all-grad-student crew, can be tracked here: Gliders In addition, […]

About Josh Josh Kohut, PhD, MTS Fellow, graduated cum laude in 1997 with a B.S. in physics from the College of Charleston and earned his Ph.D. in physical oceanography from Rutgers University in 2002. Since then, he has been a central player in the Rutgers University Center for Ocean Observing Leadership serving in several capacities […]

A drifter was released this past Tuesday as part of the Ocean Methods and Data Analysis course just west of Sandy Hook. The drifter was constructed by St. Hubert Catholic High School in Philadelphia, PA this past spring. You can track the progress of the drifter here. NOAA Drifter The drifter was provided to the […]