The Rutgers University Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (RUCOOL) is creating knowledge of our ocean planet by pushing the limits of science and new technologies while inspiring future generations of ocean explorers.

The ocean shapes Earth’s climate and weather, and the largest uncertainties reflect the marine environment. RUCOOL is focused on understanding the underlying processes that impact our ability to predict marine systems. Learn more »

RUCOOL provides the most comprehensive ocean and atmospheric data supporting business and local-state-federal agencies to ensure smart and sustainable use of the coastal waters in the Mid-Atlantic. Learn more »

RUCOOL is studying the most extreme ocean environments on Earth, spanning typhoons to ice-covered seas. The focus is not only on understanding these systems but how they will be modified by climate change. Learn more »

RUCOOL is innovating education practices to enable all humanity be active explorers of their ocean planet. These tools are being used to develop the next generation of ocean scientists and engineers. Learn more »

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