Best Student Paper Awarded at the 2024 Currents, Waves and Turbulence Measurement Workshop

March 21, 2024

The 13th installment of the Currents, Waves and Turbulence Measurement (CWTM) Workshop concluded with great success, showcasing cutting-edge research and innovations in the field. Among the highlights of the event was the presentation of the Best Student Paper Award, recognizing outstanding contributions from young researchers.  This year, the prestigious award went to Rutgers undergraduate student Brendan Henley for his paper titled “Determining the Seasonality of Oceanic eDNA Source Waters”. The paper, selected from a pool of highly competitive submissions, impressed the judges with its novel approach and significant impact on the intersection of physical and biological oceanography.

Brendan’s work focused on determining the distance water could travel in the coastal ocean over a 24-hour period.  The analysis was grouped by season and provides context to the environmental DNA sampling that is taking place off New Jersey as part of the NJDEP  Research and Monitoring Initiative.   The goal of the RMI is to ensure that as New Jersey moves towards a clean energy economy, we also adhere to our mandate to protect and responsibly manage New Jersey’s coastal & marine resources.  Brendan’s coauthors included Josh Kohut, Tim Stolarz and Hugh Roarty from Rutgers as well as Jason Adolf from Monmouth University.

In addition to the recognition, Brendan also received a cash prize for the award.  The criteria for judging the award included the quality of the science, the quality of the presentation and the relevance to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

The 2024 CWTM conference brought together researchers and practitioners from around the world to exchange ideas, share insights, and advance the field of ocean measurements. With its focus on cutting-edge research and interdisciplinary collaboration, the event served as a platform for shaping the future of oceanographic measurements.   The CWTM Workshop which takes place every four years, has a rich history of providing a dynamic platform for the global ocean community. This event serves as a catalyst for technical information exchange and fosters collaboration among experts passionate about measuring current, waves, and turbulence. Their mission is to advance the field of Current, Wave, and Turbulence Measurement and Applications by showcasing cutting-edge research and innovations.

For more information about the conference, please visit the CWTM website .