AGU Ocean Sciences | Jan 24-28, 2000
O M Schofield, S Glenn, D B Haidvogel, F J Grassle, C J von Alt The 1999 Coastal Predictive Skill Experiment: An Operational Multi-scale Real-time Long-term Ecosystem Observatory (LEO-15) for the Coastal Ocean
S M Glenn, O M Schofield, C J von Alt, D C Webb An Overview of the 1999 Coastal Predictive Skill Experiment at LEO-15
J T Kohut, S M Glenn, J F Fracassi, R Chant Validation of an Optimized CODAR HF-Radar System at the Long-term Ecosystem Observatory
R J Chant, S M Glenn Dynamics and Structure of a Near Shore Jet
T Bergmann, J J Grzymski, O M Schofield, M A Moline, T Newton Characterizing the Variability in the Inherent and Apparent Optical Properties During the LEO-15 1999 Coastal Predictive Skill Experiment
A D Weidemann, O Schofield, S Glenn, T E Bowers Diurnal Optical Variability During Upwelling at LEO-15
J J Grzymski, *J T Cullen, E L Peters, S M Glenn, R M Sherrell, O M Schofield Relationship Between Light Attenuation and Suspended Particulate Material During Nearshore Coastal Upwelling
M A Moline, C Orrico, T Newton, O Schofield, J Grzymski, T Bergmann, S Tozzi Phytoplankton Community Dynamics in the Coastal Waters of the LEO-15 Site
R Avissar, H Pan, S M Glenn, D A Haidvogel A Coastal Forecasting System
S M Durski, S Glenn, D Haidvogel Parameterizing Vertical Mixing on a Continental Shelf
H G Arango, H Pan, S M Glenn, D B Haidvogel, R Avissar Atmosphere-Ocean Forecast Experiments in the New Jersey Coastal Zone
D B Haidvogel, K S Hedstrom Numerical Exploration of Undercurrent Dynamics at LEO-15
NOPP Review Session | Invited
Scott M. Glenn Numerical Exploration of Undercurrent Dynamics at LEO-15
Janice McDonnell National Ocean Partnership Program Meeting AGU/ASLO Ocean Science 2000
SPAWAR/ONR RDT&E Ocean Review | Feb 16, 2000
Scott Glenn Review of Research at LEO-15
ONR-NRL Workshop on Baroclinic Data Simulation and Novel Observing Systems | Feb 23, 2000
Scott Glenn Invited talk on Observing Systems #1
ONR & American Institute of Biological Sciences “Bioluminescence and Naval Needs” | Feb 28, 2000
Oscar Schofield, Mark Moline, Paul Bissett, Scott Glenn Melding Physics and Biology: The Opportunities of Coupled Observation Model Systems
Mark A. Moline, James Case, Christy Herren, Oscar Schofield, Scott Glenn, W. Paul Bissett Bioluminescence Exercises at LEO-15: Summer 1999
W. Paul Bissett, Oscar M. Schofield and Mark A. Moline Integrating Bioluminescence into Nowcast/Forecast Systems
Fourth International ROSE Workshop | Mar 3, 2000
Josh Kohut Contribution of a Validated CODAR-Type HF-Radar System to the Long-term Ecosystem Observatory