SOCCUM Annual Team meeting (virtual meeting hosted by Princeton) | June 17-19, 2020
Oscar Schofield Optics and Primary Productivity in Southern Ocean
Oscar Schofield Polar Food Web Resilience in the face of a Shifting Climage
NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) Global Ocean Monitoring and Observation (GOMO) program Hurricane Steering Committee | June 2, 2020
Scott Glenn Rapid Co-evolution of the Coastal Ocean and Atmosphere in Hurricanes and Typhoons
PhD Dissertation Defense (virtual meeting hosted by Rutgers) | May 28, 2020
Michael Brown Drivers of phytoplankton dynamics and corresponding impacts in biogeochemistry, along the West Antarctic Peninsula
LTER Annual Science Council Meeting | May 5, 2020
Oscar Schofield Polar food web resilience in the face of a shifting climate
MARACOOS brief for congressional staff | April 30, 2020
Scott Glenn MARACOOS Congressional Briefing
Appropriations Supplemental Funds (IFAA) 2019-2020 Hurricane Gliders Workshop | April 28, 2020
Travis Miles Mid Atlantic Bight: Summary of 2019 Glider Operations
Travis Miles Planned 2020 Mid Atlantic IFAA hurricane glider operations
Scott Glenn Mid Atlantic Bight: Stratified Coastal Ocean Interactions with Tropical Cyclones
SECOORA Webinar with Catherine Edwards | April 27, 2020
Travis Miles Improving Hurricane Intensity Forecasts with Gliders
Congressional Briefing | April 23, 2020
Hugh Roarty Congressional Briefing: MARACOOS High Frequency Radar
NOAA Hurricane Forecast Improvement Program | April 15, 2020
Scott Glenn Rapid Co-evolution of the Coastal Ocean and Atmosphere in Hurricanes and Typhoons
RBR Technical Workshop | February 17, 2020
Travis Miles Empirical Corrections to Thermal Lag on Ocean Gliders
AGU Ocean Sciences – San Diego, CA | February 16-21, 2020
Scott Glenn Scientific Results from the 2018 & 2019 North Atlantic Hurricane Glider Picket Lines
Maria Aristizabal Evaluation of Surface Ocean Metrics Relevant to Air/Sea Heat Fluxes in the HWRF-POM and HWRF-HYCOM Forecasing Models During Hurricane Dorian
Elizabeth Wright-Fairbanks Glider-based observations reveal seasonal carbonate chemistry variability in U.S. Mid-Atlantic shellfishery management zones
Sage Lichtenwalner GOOI Data Explorations: A Collection of Online Data Visualization Activities to Engage Introductory Undergraduate Students
Emily Slesinger The interaction between ocean warming and spawning latitude on U.S. Northeast black sea bass (Centrospristis striata) energetics and reproductive potential throughout the spawning season
Kasey Walsh The examination of microplastic consumption by zooplankton collected in an urban estuary and a pristine Antarctic coastal system: Approaches, challenges, and outcomes
Grace Saba The development and validation of a profiling glider
deep ISFET-based pH sensor for high resolution
observations of coastal and ocean acidification
National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Washington DC | January 30th
Mike Smith A Unified Approach to HF Radar Data Quality Control for UGOS