Name Position Email Phone Room
Faculty & Management Team
Scott Glenn  Co-Founder   103F
Oscar Schofield  Co-Founder 848-932-3265 104G
Josh Kohut  Co-Founder 848-932-3496 318C
Janice McDonnell  Associate Professor, Sci. Eng. Tech. Agent 848-932-3285 103C
Grace Saba  Assistant Professor 848-932-3466 316
Hugh Roarty  Director  908-208-2970 111A
Travis Miles  Assistant Research Professor 848-932-3293 103I
Joseph Brodie  Director of Atmospheric Research 848-932-3351 111E
Postdoctoral Researchers & Graduate Students
Mike Brown  Graduate Student 848-932-3410 303E
Filipa Carvalho  Graduate Student 848-932-3452 309D
Corie Charpentier  Post-Doc   204G 
Nicole Couto  Graduate Student 848-932-3472 114A
Schuyler Nardelli Graduate Student   304
Emily Slesinger Graduate Student   309D
Clifford Watkins Graduate Student 848-932-3293 103I
Elizabeth Wright-Fairbanks Graduate Student    304
Research & Support Team
Mike Crowley  Program Manager for OOI program
Operations Director Maracoos 848-932-3287 IFNH 220
Mike Vardaro  Data Manager for OOI program 848-932-9709 IFNH 220
John Kerfoot  Lead Software Developer 848-932-3344 IFNH 220
Leila Belabassi  Associate Data Manager for OOI Program 848-932-3260 IFNH 220
Steve Levenson  Financial Manager 848-932-3288 103
Patty Gillen  Adminstrative Support 848-932-3380 103
Nilsen Strandskov Web Developer 848-932-3261 109
Marine Operations Team
David Aragon   Glider technician and Operator 848-932-3294 105 
Chip Haldeman  Glider technician
Marine hardware
Captain 848-932-3295 101
Ethan Handel CODAR technician 848-932-3340 109
Nicole Waite Marine and Glider technician 848-932-3472 305F
Data & Software
Lori Garzio Data Evaluator 848-932-3260 IFNH 220
Friedrich Knuth Data Evaluator 848-932-3433 IFNH 220
Laura Palamara Data Analyst and Programmer 848-932-3350 111
Michael Smith  Data Evaluator 848-932-3433 IFNH 220
Sage Lichenwalder Programmer and OOI support 848-932-3291 IFNH 220;
Education & Outreach
Carrie Ferraro Education Specialist 848-932-3282 103
Kristin Hunter-Thomson SET Education Specialist 848-932-3281 103
Affiliated Faculty
Robert Chant  DMCS       
Uli Kremer  Department of Computer Science