Samantha Alaimo
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Short History

I grew up on Long Island and spent a lot of my summers in Pennsylvania fishing and exploring. I was always around the water in some capacity and that’s where my interests in marine biology started. I graduated with my BS in Marine Biology (and math minor) from the University of New Haven in 2021. My research there was focused on the spatial distributions and habitats of four flatfish species in the Long Island Sound and the characteristic polynomials of symmetric matrices. I also studied Sustainable Fisheries at the Shoals Marine Laboratory on Appledore Island, ME. Outside of work, you can probably find me fishing, swimming, skiing, kayaking, at the beach, or taking pictures.


Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in how the physical features of the ocean affect commercially important fish populations. The fishing industry not only provides food to the world, but also contributes a lot to the economy. How will changes in the oceans affect them? More specifically, I am interested in how offshore wind development off the coast of NJ is going to affect fish populations. As an avid fisher, I am interested in how offshore wind is going to affect the fisheries.



2021-Present, Ph.D. Student, Oceanography, Rutgers University

2021, B.S. Marine Biology, University of New Haven