Teledyne Marine has awarded a Teledyne Marine and Doug Webb graduate student fellowship over the next three years in celebration of RU COOL’s 30th anniversary. This graduate fellowship is focused on supporting research using autonomous underwater gliders.  This reflects the strong multi-decade partnership between Teledyne Marine Rutgers and Doug Webb (the inventor of the Slocum […]

A new generation of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) could revolutionize undersea exploration and shed light on ocean warming. Some new underwater vehicles, like the Mare-IT project, are designed for industrial purposes like inspecting drilling rigs or wind turbines. The project’s two-armed underwater robot is used for complex inspection and maintenance tasks. But researchers say the more […]

This week Rutgers University Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (RUCOOL) Assistant Professor Dr. Travis Miles and PhD Student Joe Gradone deployed RU36, the newest addition to our glider fleet, off St. Thomas. This glider will be measuring temperature, salinity, oxygen, and subsurface currents in the passage way between St. Thomas and St. Croix.  This effort will […]

Rutgers has been participating in the National Science Foundation’s Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) project at Palmer Station Antarctica for over 30 years. During the fall of 2021, graduate students Quintin Diou-Cass and Joe Gradone joined UConn Postdoc Jessie Turner on the R/V Nathaniel Palmer to head to the West Antarctic Peninsula. Over the next few […]

Travis Miles (lead author) and Scott Glenn partnered with dozens of other scientist on this paper that provides a broad overview of the ongoing US hurricane glider project and details of a new effort with the Saildrone USV during the 2021 hurricane season. While this article focuses on the US East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, […]

Last week our glider guru Nicole Waite was out with our grad students Ted and Ailey, and our Rutgers RIOS undergrads Becca and Jocelyn on a dual glider deployment off of Tuckerton NJ. Capt. Chip Haldeman took the crew out on the R/V/ Arabella to deploy gliders MARACOOS02 and RU30. MARACOOS02 will be focusing on […]

Nicole Waite, Marine and Lab Technician at Rutgers University, Center for Ocean Observing Leadership Nicole has been working as a professional in ocean sciences since 2014 at Rutgers, with a focus split between Antarctic phytoplankton and underwater gliders. “I have been in the ocean science field since undergrad when I graduated with a degree in […]