This glider was deployed on the 2nd international mission from the US Virgin Islands and is transiting to the British Virgin Islands in order to study heat flow through the Anegada Straight. Equipped with temperature, salinity, depth and current measuring instruments, this glider will  monitor water transport and heat content in the upper 1000 meters of […]

Sea Water Ocean Topography (SWOT) is a radar interferometry mission making SSH measurements over a swath 120 km wide. There is a nadir gap of 20 km where the error from interferometry is not meeting science requirement. The current candidate for the in-situ measurement is an array of gliders along the center of a swath […]

Underwater robot gliders are measuring air and sea interaction during hurricanes in the mid-Atlantic region. The little yellow submarines are part of a collaborative effort between Rutgers and Monmouth universities. Rutgers marine and coastal sciences expert Travis Miles says these 6-foot long gliders safely collect temperature data. “Ahead of a storm, you don’t want to […]

NOAA | News & Features Four ocean gliders are setting off to sea this week to bring back data scientists hope will improve the accuracy of hurricane forecast models. The robotic, unmanned gliders are equipped with sensors to measure the salt content (salinity) and temperature as they move through the ocean at different depths. The […]

New Jersey 101.5 | Dino Flammia A robot enters the ocean and pulls in the right amount of sea water to help itself glide but not sink. For three weeks straight, the robot’s sensors are scanning the sea — from top to bottom — to spot any water-quality abnormalities. Every two hours, the robot comes […]

The European(EGO) and US(UG2) Autonomous Underwater Glider User Groups came together to host the 8th EGO Meeting and International Glider Workshop right here at Rutgers University May 21st – 23rd. Kicking off this meeting with the opening talk was Robert M. Goodman, executive dean of the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. The meeting […]

Rutgers’ underwater gliders keep a watchful eye on NJ’s water quality NEW BRUNSWICK – Thousands of New Jersey residents will soon head out to the beach as summer quickly approaches. But how can they be sure that the ocean water they are swimming in is clean and safe? Cue a piece of equipment from Rutgers […]