Exciting Collaboration at the ROWG Meeting in Mississippi

May 29, 2024

Last week, RUCOOL’s high frequency radar team proudly sent Tim to the University of Southern Mississippi for the 13th Radiowave Operators Working Group (ROWG) meeting. This event was a fantastic opportunity for Tim to meet and collaborate with many operators he had previously only interacted with virtually.
The meeting was a significant milestone for the ROWG community, providing a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences with CODAR’s high-frequency radars while also discussing the future of HF radar during a transitionary period of the HF radar Data Access Center. Tim had aninvaluable opportunity to deepen his expertise, and discuss the latest advancements and applications in ocean observing technology amongst other HF radar operators.
The Rutgers HF Radar team is eager to use what was learned at the meeting, and looks forward to implementing new ideas to enhance their research and operational capabilities!