Steven Weber Testimonial

May 28, 2021

Growing up in New Jersey, the ocean was always relevant to my life. As I grew older I knew I wanted a career on the water. I learned how to sail from a young age, eventually becoming a sailing instructor, and took every opportunity I had to be on or in the water. I got certified in SCUBA diving at 15 and proceeded to explore the oceans from below. After I applied to Rutgers, I joined the US Coast Guard Reserves, attending basic training in between college semesters. I managed my military career in conjunction with my education and graduated with a 3.44 cumulative GPA and a B.S. in Environmental Planning and Design with a double minor in Marine Science and Environmental Geomatics. Since graduation, I have worked for a national water utility company as well as the United States Coast Guard.

I applied to Rutgers and once aboard was immediately drawn to the Marine Sciences Department. The vigor with which oceanographic study was discussed as well as the research opportunities for undergraduates hooked me immediately. The wealth of knowledge and experience in the building not only helped me grow but also helped shape my life plan moving forward. The highlight of my tenure with DMCS was earning a place at my most prized research opportunity, working with Dr. Schofield in Antarctica. My experiences with DMCS have influenced me to pursue further graduate study in the marine science field and to center my career around the ocean.