caricoosCARICOOS stands for the Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System and is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Integrated Ocean Observing System office. CARICOOS operates data buoys, coastal meteorological stations, vessels, instruments and radars, which comprise its network of observing assets. CARICOOS has stakeholders from tourism and marine recreation, maritime transportation, security, and human and ecosystem health and economics. The focus is on meeting needs for improved real-time data products and forecasts of coastal weather ⟨winds⟩, currents, waves, water quality and hurricane-driven inundation for the U.S. Carribean Exclusive Economic Zone ⟨EEZ⟩. Here at Rutgers we recieve data from stations in and around the western and southern coasts of Puerto Rico and process and study it to help further all of these goals. To learn more about CARICCOS click here