The Palmer Station Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) program is focused on conducting a long term study on the warming West Antarctica Peninsula. For 30 years this project has been documenting how melting glaciers and reduced sea ice are altering the marine food web spanning from plankton to penguins.  The project consists of 6 month surveys […]

The Antarctic summer research effort is in full swing. This year, there are two joint National Science Foundation projects underway which are called SWARM and the Palmer Long Term Ecological Research (LTER). SWARM is studying how physical circulation structures the ecology of the penguins living in vicinity of the Palmer Station.  In this region there […]

Happy Earth Day 2019 from RUCOOL! CBS News had a segment on Earth Day called Earth Matters on Revealing Our Planets Secrets showing scientist researchers examining the sea floor in Antarctica. Yes this is an area where you can meet with members of RUCOOL so while our team was not featured in this segment, check […]

Good storytelling is a powerful way to bring public attention to our science – especially when it happens in remote areas like the Polar Regions. Stories about the changing poles are common, but don’t capture the complexity of the data.  On January 10-11 a team from Rutgers University and the University of Delaware co-hosted a […]