Rutgers scientists observed the ocean and atmospheric response to a derecho that passed through NJ and caused severe damage in several towns.  A Rutgers meteorological tower in Tuckerton NJ recorded a peak wind gust of 54 mph alongside a 21-degree temperature drop in only 15 minutes.  The HF-Radar station at Bradley Beach, NJ, part of […]

Dr. Hugh Roarty visited with Dr. Erick Fredj from Jerusalem College of Technology in Jerusalem Israel from January 27-31, 2020.  Dr. Fredj has been a longtime collaborator with Rutgers University.  Dr. Roarty and Dr. Fredj discussed the state of the art for measuring and quantifying oceanic surface transport in the Mid Atlantic Bight.  They plan […]

Two drifters from Pacific Gyre were deployed on Friday November 15, 2019. The drifters were deployed as part of a validation experiment for the surface current products that Rutgers produces. The drifters made several loops inside Raritan Bay then made landfall due to the northeast winds that struck the area over the weekend. The data […]

A drifter was released this past Tuesday as part of the Ocean Methods and Data Analysis course just west of Sandy Hook. The drifter was constructed by St. Hubert Catholic High School in Philadelphia, PA this past spring. You can track the progress of the drifter here. NOAA Drifter The drifter was provided to the […]

Dr. Hugh Roarty and Dr. Dale Trockel travelled to Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California to attend the Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation (WTRIM) Working Group.  Drs. Roarty and Trockel spoke of the importance of High Frequency radar and the potential impact to the radars from the development of offshore wind turbines.  Land-based High […]

RUCOOL’s Hugh Roarty and Josh Kohut attended the 2019 IEEE / OES Twelfth Currents, Waves, Turbulence Measurement and Applications Workshop (CWTMA) at the Catamaran Resort in San Diego from March 10- 13. Not only was Dr. Roarty the workshops technical chair of the event but he also presented “Evaluation of Wave Data from HR Radar […]

RUCOOL hosted a meeting with the Marine Technology Society leadership on March 14th. During the visit their administrative staff was immersed into hands on oceanographic research with Slocum underwater gliders and CODAR HF-Radar systems. Our undergraduate students stole the show on this day while having interactive and inspiring research discussions with Dr. Rick Spinrad, MTS […]