Student Drifters Delivered to Rutgers

June 15, 2023

Mr. Jeff Frank returned to Rutgers this week to deliver four surface drifters that were constructed by students at the Career and Academic Development Institute of Philadelphia, PA.  The drifters are part of the Student Drifter Program and was sponsored through a grant by the Toshiba STEM grant program.

Jeff delivered his first drifter to Rutgers in 2019 which was deployed in Raritan Bay.  That drifter was battery powered and transmitted data over a 1,400 km journey.  The new drifters are solar powered so hopefully they will provide even more data than the first drifter.

Student Drifters is as an educational program for formal and informal learning. Educators can address multiple disciplines including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), and customize their lesson plans with existing resources from simple concepts of latitude and longitude to complex studies of dispersion.