Visitors from Ocean Tech, Bermuda

November 15, 2021

Rutgers University Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (RUCOOL) hosted visitors from Bermuda based Cerulean H2O Ltd and the Ocean Tech charity. As part of their Coastal Lab, they are looking to develop a coastal ocean observing system for Bermuda, and they visited Rutgers to learn from our experience. They shared with us that Bermuda lacks the oceanographic data that is essential to deal with existing and future challenges for the island nation of 64,000 people. Dr. Hugh Roarty from RUCOOL met with Mr. Henrik Schroder and Mr. Jonas Schroder to discuss the oceanographic sensing capabilities of RUCOOL and how some of the technologies we utilize could be applied in Bermuda waters. They then toured two of the coastal radar stations that Rutgers operates, one in Old Bridge (pictured above) and the other on Sandy Hook. The station at Old Bridge is a cooperative with the Middlesex County Parks and Recreation and the station at Sandy Hook is hosted by the National Park Service.