RUCOOL tour news 071819

RUCOOL hosts a special tour

July 18, 2019

On July 18th, Brian Schilling, Frank Yesalavich, NJ Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling and Professor Dina Fonseca visited RUCOOL. After touring the COOLroom and getting some hands on time with underwater Slocum Gliders, we discussed a plethora of topics efforts including hurricane intensity research, wind energy, search and rescue, water quality and fisheries work.

Photo taken in the COOLroom and list from left to right:

  • Brian Schilling, Rutgers Cooperative Extension director
  • Frank Yesalavich, Past President, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Board of Managers
  • Grace Saba, Assistant Professor of Marine and Coastal Sciences
  • New Jersey Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling
  • Sam Coakley, PhD Candidate in Marine and Coastal Sciences
  • Dina Fonseca, Director of the Center for Vector Biology and Professor in Entomology