2021OCEANS San Diego-PortoMid Atlantic Drifter Program: Development of Software Toolbox to Manage Drifter Data
2021OCEANS San Diego-PortoEvaluation of Bistatic High Frequency Radar Data
2021OCEANS San Diego-PortoImplementation of Quality Flags in the Processing of High Frequency Radar Surface Current Data
2021OCEANS San Diego-PortoA Unified Approach to HF Radar Radial Quality Control for Understanding Gulf Ocean Systems (UGOS)
2020JGR OceansAnnual and Seasonal Surface Circulation Over the Mid-Atlantic Bight Continental Shelf Derived From a Decade of High Frequency Radar Observations
2019OCEANS SeattleThe Impact of Reprocessing Efforts on the Mid-Atlantic’s Surface Current Product
2019OCEANS SeattleEvaluation of the SeaSonde Tsunami Detection Algorithm and Software
2019FrontiersThe Gobal High Frequency Radar Network
2019CWTM San DiegoEvaluation of Wave Data from HF Radar by the National Weather Service
2018OCEANS Chaleston Mitigation of Offshore Wind Turbines on High- Frequency Coastal Oceanographic Radar
2017OCEANS AnchorageData QA/QC in the IOOS Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observation System
2017OCEANS KobeEvaluation of Environmental Data for Search and Rescue II
2017OCEANS KobeImproving CODAR SeaSonde Wave Measurements
2016OCEANS MontereyEffectiveness of a Bistatic System on High Frequency Radar Resiliency
2016OCEANS MontereyAutomated Quality Control of High Frequency Radar Data II
2016OCEANS ShanghaiEvaluation of Environmental Data for Search and Rescue
2016OCEANS ShanghaiStratified Coastal Ocean Processes in Hurricanes and Typhoons Enhance Ahead-of-Eye Cooling and Reduce Storm Intensity
2016OCEANS ShanghaiFast gap filling of the coastal ocean surface current in the seas around Taiwan