The City of Long Branch, NJ has expressed interest in utilizing UAS in their lifeguard operations. The potential applications they foresee are detection of submerged victims, detection of sharks in the area, communicating with victims and use of UAS in long-range rescue far from shore. The Water Rescue Team monitors 4.3 miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and 2.5 miles along the Branchport Creek. The goals of this research project are to develop a concept of operations (ConOps) for the integration of UAS into their lifesaving operations. We will develop requirements for UAS based on user needs and expected environmental conditions, identify stakeholders in the system, and determine if this ConOps can be applied to other lifesaving organizations. Other countries like Iran, Chile and Australia have already begun testing UAS for lifesaving operations. This project would place Rutgers at the forefront of UAS research.