Charlotte Bramich
Postdoctoral Researchers & Graduate Students
Graduate Student Master of Operational Oceanography

Growing up in Pennsylvania with outdoorsy parents, I’ve had the opportunity to get outside my whole life. From hiking to fishing to camping, I knew being outside was the place for me. When I was introduced to the idea of majoring in marine sciences, I doubled down. That’s what I was doing. When people ask me today why marine science, I have no answer other than why not. I graduated from Rutgers with a major in directed marine studies and a minor in fishery science. 


Research interests 

I’ve worked with the Haskin Shellfish Research Lab on various projects and have dabbled amongst other projects throughout my time as an undergrad. On top of this, I was a FIGS instructor for freshman, leading a 10-week accredited course on the very first marine science and conservation. As I pursue my higher degree, I look forward to narrowing down the research I’m interested in.