Title: Meteotsunami Detection with CODAR HF-Radar

Funding Agency: CODAR Ocean Sensors

Project Lead: Hugh Roarty

Partners: CODAR Ocean Sensors

Period of Performance: 6/1/16 – 12/31/21

Total Budget: $80,000

Project Summary:

A meteotsunami struck the coast of New Jersey on June 13, 2013.  The event was captured by a network of High Frequency (HF) radar stations.  However, the signal of the event was only seen in the post processing of the radar data. The tsunami was detected 23 km offshore or 47 minutes before it arrived at the coast, advanced warning time that was not available to the public.  The purpose of this project is to install real-time software for the detection of tsunamis along the coast of NJ at selected HF radar stations.  The software will be evaluated to develop a baseline measurement of the probability of detection and false alarm rate for tsunami detection.