Congratulations to Dr. Liza Wright-Fairbanks @lizawf for successfully defending her dissertation, “Observing seasonal cycles, drivers, and potential biological impacts of ocean acidification in the Mid-Atlantic Bight”!! She also presented in a hybrid format to a 25-person audience in the Alampi Room and to over 60 people on Zoom! Dr. Wright-Fairbanks will be headed to a […]

NJ signed an agreement yesterday to join the Ocean Acidification Alliance. This decision was informed by work done by Rutgers – see report and infographic here. Professor Grace Saba is a national expert on this topic and has led work in NJ and the Mid-Atlantic.

Assistant Professor Grace Saba discusses the value of the Slocum ocean glider and pH sensor technology in the study of ocean acidification. Links to the full article and video of an interview with Grace by Marine Technology Magazine are below. Marine Technology Video Interview with Grace on her pH Glider work Marine Technology Magazine article […]

Liza, a PhD candidate at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, studies ocean and coastal acidification in the Mid-Atlantic Bight (MAB). The MAB is a region nested within the U.S. Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem, and it supports some of the United States’ most economically important shell fisheries, many of which are sensitive to acidification. […]

The technology used to observe ocean acidification – the shift in ocean chemistry driven by an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities – has followed the same trend of innovation and scaling as computer technology. Measuring ocean chemistry traditionally involves […]

Grace Saba, assistant professor in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences (DMCS), is the lead principal investigator  and John Wilkin, professor in DMCS, is co-principal investigator of $1,499,895 million project observing ocean acidification on the U.S. Northeast Shelf, from the Mid-Atlantic to the Gulf of Maine. The project, “Optimizing Ocean Acidification Observations for Model […]

Assistant Professor Grace Saba is looking forward to working with her collaborators on this new and exciting project observing ocean acidification on the U.S. Northeast Shelf from the Mid-Atlantic to the Gulf of Maine. Click to read more…