Assistant Professor Grace Saba is looking forward to working with her collaborators on this new and exciting project observing ocean acidification on the U.S. Northeast Shelf from the Mid-Atlantic to the Gulf of Maine. Click to read more…

MTS Fellows: Since 1975, the MTS Fellow title has been awarded to MTS members who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Society’s objectives and who have distinguished themselves in their fields. Recipients – Josh Kohut, John Potter, Ralph Rayner, and Ravi Venkatesan Click to read more about MTS

Bill Wall, left, project director for LS Cable America; Captain Paul Eidman of Anglers for Offshore Wind Power; Joseph Brodie, director of atmospherics at the Rutgers Center for Ocean Observation Leadership; and Catherine Bowes, program director for offshore wind energy for the National Wildlife Federation, discuss the environmental pros and cons of building wind farms […]

The 5-year collaboration will support deployment of ocean technologies and advance research and monitoring to support offshore wind development NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J.: Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, LLC (Atlantic Shores) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Rutgers University to advance ocean research and monitoring that will support offshore wind development. The 5-year cooperative […]

New Jersey 101.5 | Dino Flammia A robot enters the ocean and pulls in the right amount of sea water to help itself glide but not sink. For three weeks straight, the robot’s sensors are scanning the sea — from top to bottom — to spot any water-quality abnormalities. Every two hours, the robot comes […]

New Jersey Business Magazine | Environmental Ørsted US Offshore Wind will support academic research activities related to offshore wind at Rutgers University under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed today. Under the agreement, Ørsted will make an initial contribution to the university, followed by additional funding contingent upon being granted an OREC application by the […]

Rutgers’ underwater gliders keep a watchful eye on NJ’s water quality NEW BRUNSWICK – Thousands of New Jersey residents will soon head out to the beach as summer quickly approaches. But how can they be sure that the ocean water they are swimming in is clean and safe? Cue a piece of equipment from Rutgers […]