This August, RUCOOL will host a week-long, hands-on experience using underwater glider technologies. Participants will be introduced to the underwater robots while gaining hands on experience prepping, ballasting, deploying and piloting. This is an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students with little to no experience using this equipment as part of their courses or laboratories. The […]

Assistant Professor Grace Saba was one of several collaborative experts that published this comprehensive assessment of the status quo and future of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean that surrounds it. See the press release from Alfred Wegener Institute (here) and the paper now published in Biological Reviews: The decade from 2010 to 2020 has […]

Research Internships in Ocean Sciences (RIOS) is an undergraduate research program that will introduce you to an active and collaborative ocean research environment. With support from the National Science Foundation, you will conduct ocean research over a paid, 10-week summer internship offered by the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers, the State University […]

It’s not every week that two students on your team complete a grad student thesis defense, but that’s what happened this week at RUCOOL. On December 14, Sarah Murphy presented her Master’s Thesis defense entitled “Coastal Upwelling and the Offshore Wind Environment”. On December 16th, Cliff Watkins wrapped up his PhD. with his dissertation presentation […]

Travis Miles gave the talk “Hurricane Gliders” on December 9th as a webinar to the Underwater Gliders User Group (UG2). The transcript from the talk is located here.

The full documentary is available on YouTube here.

Hi, Department Chairs and Center Directors. Rutgers Giving Day will be Wednesday, March 24, 2021 and applications to participate are due on December 11. Rutgers Giving Day is an online 24 hour fundraising campaign that is driven by social media and email. A department or center with an existing gift fund/project has the opportunity to […]