ATLANTIC CITY — A company hoping to build a wind power farm off the coast of southern New Jersey is partnering with Rutgers University and the state’s clam industry to study the potential impacts of wind farms on the shellfish. Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, LLC said Thursday it is funding a $500,000 study of how […]

Nicole Waite, Marine and Lab Technician at Rutgers University, Center for Ocean Observing Leadership Nicole has been working as a professional in ocean sciences since 2014 at Rutgers, with a focus split between Antarctic phytoplankton and underwater gliders. “I have been in the ocean science field since undergrad when I graduated with a degree in […]

A new study from the University of Agder shows that animals are part of the natural carbon cycle process that absorbs greenhouse gas emissions… Angela Helen Martin, Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Natural Sciences at University of Agder, recently published a review article on how fishes and other animals affect greenhouse gases in the […]

Growing up in New Jersey, the ocean was always relevant to my life. As I grew older I knew I wanted a career on the water. I learned how to sail from a young age, eventually becoming a sailing instructor, and took every opportunity I had to be on or in the water. I got […]

Given adequate sunlight and nutrients, phytoplankton populations can multiply into blooms large enough to be visible from space. That was the case on May 18, 2021, when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite acquired this natural-color image of a phytoplankton bloom along the coast of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. […]

WRISE stands for Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy. It’s an organization that promotes the education, professional development, and advancement of women to achieve a strong diversified workforce and support a robust renewable energy economy. Sarah is one of 8 to receive the 2021 fellowship, which will support continued professional development in the renewable […]

Congrats to Lauren! Their answer to the 2nd question: Why is the maritime sector significant to our nation’s COVID-19 recovery efforts, and what do you envision a ‘green-economy’ looks like?  “Tourism, recreation, commercial shipping, the coast guard, and the fisheries and aquaculture industry are all part of the maritime sector, and each of these sectors […]