Congratulations to Dr. Schuyler Nardelli on defending her PhD thesis entitled “Seasonal dynamics of plankton ecology in coastal Antarctica.” Schuyler will be moving on to a Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship at NOAA IOOS focused on marine policy. Through the fellowship, Schuyler hopes to step outside her comfort zone. “I am looking forward to learning how […]

Travis Miles (lead author) and Scott Glenn partnered with dozens of other scientist on this paper that provides a broad overview of the ongoing US hurricane glider project and details of a new effort with the Saildrone USV during the 2021 hurricane season. While this article focuses on the US East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, […]

SRI has extended its existing High Frequency Radar (HFR) scatter model for bistatic operation and is working on the initial steps in validation of that model with real data. The general operation utilizes available ocean wave spectra to estimate the doppler spectrum based on a HFR scattering model. The monostatic modelling has been done using […]

Congratulations to Dr. Liza Wright-Fairbanks @lizawf for successfully defending her dissertation, “Observing seasonal cycles, drivers, and potential biological impacts of ocean acidification in the Mid-Atlantic Bight”!! She also presented in a hybrid format to a 25-person audience in the Alampi Room and to over 60 people on Zoom! Dr. Wright-Fairbanks will be headed to a […]

Join Rutgers oceanographer Oscar Schofield as he chats with researchers aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer as they study the marine ecosystems of the West Antarctic Peninsula. Learn how the West Antarctic Peninsula has changed over the past several decades and how these changes affect life at every level of the food web, from tiny crustaceans […]

As we approach the winter solstice here in NJ, a team of RUCOOL graduate students have arrived in Antarctica for their summer research funded by the National Science Foundation’s LTER (Long-Term Ecological Research) program. Joe Gradone and Quintin Diou-Cass are on the R/V Nathanial B Palmer which is just off the West Antarctic Peninsula. While […]

Congratulations to Dr. Emily Slesinger who successfully defended her PhD on Wednesday, December 1st. Her dissertation “Black sea bass physiology and life history in the context of seasonal and long-term climate change” is an important contribution to our understanding of how increased ocean temperatures due to climate change might impact the physiology, distribution, migration patterns, […]