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  • Inland Data in the CDDO site

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    CDDO site in Puerto Rico has been experiencing serious difficulties. As it can be seen on the picture below, the HF radar is gathering a great deal of inland data. This kind of data inhibits the effective mapping of currents, since SeaSonde software displays it as real affecting the product’s credibility and quality. This kind of problem prevents the system from being used as a rescue and emergency response tool. To try to solve this problem Damian Ruiz was contacted and asked to verify the bearing of the receiving antenna along with the connection of the cables. To our surprise everything seemed to be normal. In the photos it can be appreciated that the arrow for loop 1 is looking straight into the ocean as it’s suppose to be. Since everything appeared to be in order, our last resource is the antenna pattern measurement. This process requires experience as well as special instrumentation.
    One hypothesis is that the signal is being amplified towards land by different communications devices in the marina. The other theory is that the southwestern part of the radar isn’t gathering any data because there might be something interfering with the signal such as metal towers, electrical cables, light poles, etc.

    cddo-radial-distribution-june-20091 dsc_0095 dsc_0097

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