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  • RUCOOL Updates for February-March 2019

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    RUCOOL Updates: February – March 2019

    Field Campaign & Science Updates


    • RUCOOL hosted two meetings held by NJBPU for NJ’s Offshore Wind Strategic Plan. These meetings were stakeholder roundtable discussions with environmental & fisheries stakeholders held at IFNH, and included RUCOOL tours.
    • RUCOOL was one of two representatives of RU at a WIND Institute planning meeting hosted by NJEDA and the Office of Secretary of Higher Education.
    • RUCOOL hosted a meeting with regional commercial fishers, RUCOOL faculty and staff, and other RU faculty to discuss research needs given the planned offshore wind development in our region.
    • Mid-Atlantic Ocean Forum, Monmouth University: RUCOOL networked with several people regarding ongoing offshore wind and fisheries interests, and Grace led a breakout session focused on ocean acidification.
    • RU30 pH glider with oxygen (pHoxy Lady) was deployed for one month of pH, oxygen, temperature and salinity measurements across the NJ shelf. This is the start of several pH glider deployments for 2019 to observe seasonal carbonate chemistry dynamics.
    • Hugh Roarty Testifies that COOL HF-Radar data proves “Sarah Stern’s body was swept out to sea before anyone could find it.”


    • RUCOOL hosted a visit by the MTS leadership that immersed their administrative staff into hands on oceanographic research and enabled our undergraduate students to meet and discuss their research with MTS leadership. MTS awarded RUCOOL 15 free memberships for Rutgers undergraduate students.
    • RUCOOL initiated discussions at NOAA EMC, the Naval Research Laboratory, and the Naval Oceanographic Office on the use of gliders in hurricane intensity forecasting. This included presentations on glider data impact studies from the 2018 hurricane season and planning sessions for the 2019 Hurricane glider deployments.
    • RUCOOL was a technical lead and presented at the IEEE Current Measurement, Turbulence and Applications meeting in San Diego, CA.
    • RUCOOL attended an invite-only US DOE Workshop on Research Needs for Offshore Wind Resource Characterization in Washington, DC, March 5-6.
    • RUCOOL was featured on the Bigten LiveBIG YouTube Channel Video.


    • RUCOOL completed an 8-week ecosystem survey along the West Antarctic Peninsula.
    • RUCOOL continues to prepare for the EGO/UG2 International Glider Meeting in May. Members of COL and IOOS visited RUCOOL March 14th for a strategic planning session.
    • Working with Texas AM to raise funds from a donor for support of building CUBA ocean observing. The Chancellor of Texas AM committed dollar for dollar match for the first 300K of the donor contribution to purchase CODARS for CUBA.
    • Erick Fredj from the Jerusalem College of Technology completed his two month sabbatical hosted at RUCOOL. Erick worked on several collaborative projects including sea breeze, Antarctic ecosystem and HF radar research.

    Papers Published: (**Current or Former Graduate Student or Postdoctoral Researchers)

    • Cristina L Archer, Sicheng Wu, Ahmad Vasel-Be-Hagh, Joseph F Brodie, Ruben Delgado, Alexandra St. Pé, Steven Oncley, Steven Semmer. The VERTEX field campaign: observations of near-ground effects of wind turbine wakes, Journal of Turbulence,
    • Mattias R. Cape, Fiammetta Straneo, Nicholas Beaird, Randelle M. Bundy and Matthew A. Charette. Nutrient release to oceans from buoyancy-driven upwelling at Greenland tidewater glaciers. Nature Geoscience:
      A Nature Research Journal.
    • Evan B. Clark, Andrew Branch, Steve Chien, Faiz Mirza, John D. Farrara, Yi Chao, David Fratantoni, David AragonOscar Schofield, Mar M. Flexas, and Andrew Thompson. Station-Keeping Underwater Gliders Using a Predictive Ocean Circulation Model and Applications to SWOT Calibration and Validation. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering. 1109/JOE.2018.2886092.
    • Colette J. Feehan, William C. Sharp, Travis N. Miles, Michael S. Brown**, Diane K. Adams. Larval influx of Diadema antillarum to the Florida Keys linked to passage of a Tortugas Eddy. Coral Reefspp 1–7. DOI: 1007/s00338-019-01786-9.
    • Sian F. Henley, Oscar M. Schofield, Katharine R. Hendry, Irene R. Schloss, Deborah K. Steinberg, Carlos Moffat, Lloyd S. Peck, Daniel P. Costa, Dorothee C.E. Bakker, Claire Hughes, Patrick D. Rozema, Hugh W. Ducklow, Doris Abele, Jacqueline Stefels, Maria A. Van Leeuwe, Corina P.D. Brussaard, Anita G.J. Buma, Josh Kohut, Ricardo Sahade, Ari S. Friedlaender, Sharon E. Stammerjohn, Hugh J. Venables, Michael P. Meredith. Variability and change in the west Antarctic Peninsula marine system: Research priorities and opportunities, Progress in Oceanography Vol.173.
    • **McKee, D., Martinson, D. G., Schofield, O. 2019. Origin and attenuation of mesoscale structure in circumpolar deep water intrusions to an Antarctic shelf. Journal of Physical Oceanography. doi:10.1175/JPO-D-18-0133.1.
    • Oliver, M., Kohut, J., Bernard, K., Fraser, W., Winsor, P., Statscewich, H., Fredj, E., Cimino, M., Patterson-Fraser, D., Carvalho, F. 2019. Central place foragers select ocean surface convergent features despite differing foraging strategies. Scientific Reports, 9, 157. 9:157 DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-35901-7.
    • **Yajuan Lin, Scott Gifford, Hugh Ducklow, Oscar Schofield, Nicolas Cassar. Towards Quantitative Microbiome Community Profiling Using Internal Standards, American Society for Microbiology | Applied and Environmental Microbiology. DOI: 10.1128/AEM.02634-18.

    RUCOOL Meetings & Conferences

    Oceanology International San Diego, RUCOOL hosted BPU Feb 21, RUCOOL represented Rutgers at the NJ Wind Institute Meeting in Trenton on March 22nd, RUCOOL supported the February 27-28th OOI Review with the Consortium for Ocean Leadership at the CORE building on Busch Campus, Tropical Cyclone Operations and Research Forum, Miami, FL, IOOS Annual Executive Directors Meeting, Washington, D.C, OOI 1.0 Closing meeting February 28 at CORE Building, Technical Chair and Student Contact for the 12t IEEE Currents, Waves and Turbulence Measurement Workshop, Hugh Roarty is serving a four year term as Chair of the IEEE Currents, Waves, Turbulence Measurement and Applications Technology Committee


    RUCOOL Visitors

    • Total number of visitors to RU COOL: 120
    • Some VIP Visitors:

    Rick Spinrad, President, Marine Technology Society, Zdenka Willis, President-elect, Marine Technology Society, Donna Kocak, Immediate Past President, Marine Technology Society, Liesl Hotaling, Vice President of Education, Marine Technology Society, Ruth Perry, Marine Scientist and Regulatory Policy, Shell Exploration and Production Americas team, Doug Copeland, Regional Development Manager at EDF Renewables, Krisa Arzayus, Deputy Director, US IOOS, Brick Wenzel, Ocean County Farm Bureau , Jeremy Grunin, Grunin Foundation, Peter Seligmann, Chair of Conservation International, Hurricane meetings at National Research Lab, Invited seminar at University of Maine, Invited Public Talk as part of the Ambassador John Price & Marcia Price World Affairs Lecture Utah, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Puerto Rico.