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  • RUCOOL Updates for December 2018 – January 2019

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    RUCOOL Updates: December 2018 – January 2019

    Field Campaign & Science Updates


    • RUCOOL is coordinating the Rutgers interaction with various state agencies as they develop the framework for a WIND Institute focused on research and workforce development in the emerging offshore wind sector.
    • RUCOOL attended an RU Meet and Greet with state officials framing the WIND institute.
    • RUCOOL (met with local NJ Farm Bureau (Brick Wenzel) to discuss research needs that explore links between offshore met-ocean conditions and coastal farms and the potential impacts of offshore wind farms.
    • RUCOOL met with the Responsible Ocean Development Alliance (RODA) and fishing industry partners in Cape May, Kohut, Miles, Munroe, Zimeckis and Brodie
    • RUCOOL served as expert panelists for NJ BPU Public Stakeholder Meetings for the NJ Offshore Wind Strategic Plan in early December
    • RUCOOL Article: A New Way to Predict Sea Breezes May Benefit Offshore Wind Farms. Carried by numerous outlets including but not limited to:,,,, Enginnering360, and NJ 101.5 interview (Joe Cutter).


    • A point paper on glider data assimilation in Navy and NOAA ocean models requested by Admiral Okon’s Technical Director, Bill Burnett, after the November NOAA/Navy leadership brief was submitted to Navy and NOAA, forming the basis for visits to CNMOC and NRL in February.
    • Began work with IOOS leadership to establish a sustained funding process for the Hurricane Sentinel Glider Picket Lines successfully demonstrated during the 2018 Hurricane Season.
    • RUCOOL co-hosted the polar-izing your science NSF workshop with University of Delaware. The workshop introduced polar scientists from around the world to several science communication tools to broaden the impact of their research.
    • Miles et al., Initial impacts of the Hurricane Sentinel glider fleet deployed during the 2018 hurricane season, AGU Fall Meeting special session on the 2018 Hurricane Season
    • Brodie et al., Utilizing Climatological Analysis to Improve Forecasting of Offshore Wind Ramps, AMS Annual Meeting, 10th Conference on Weather, Climate, and the New Energy Economy.


    • RUCOOL at Palmer Station Antarctica deploys glider outfitted with multi-frequency acoustic system to measure krill abundance.
    • RUCOOL begins 8-week ecosystem survey along the West Antarctic Peninsula
    • New collaboration with the University of Perpignan, France, to deploy gliders in the Gulf of Lyons
    • RUCOOL hosts the Marine Technology Society (MTS) Unmanned Untethered Vehicle (UUV) Committee town hall at AGU in Washington, DC
    • RUCOOL official government issued diplomat visas issued by Cuba for the January visit to INSMET, enabling RUCOOL personnel to visit Cuban government weather radar sites to plan for future HF radar installations
    • RUCOOL visited Texas A&M University to begin planning the tri-national glider effort to observe the Loop Current for the National Academy of Sciences decadal Loop Current program.
    • RUCOOL attended the National Academies of Science Loop Current kick off meeting and presented a unified approach to HF Radar data quality and management, now considered to be the National Gold Standard for HF Radar.
    • RUCOOL traveled to Ensenada, Mexico for the second tri-national planning meeting for the Loop Current glider observation program.
    • RUCOOL delivered a short course on underwater glider technology to Chilean students at the University of Valparaiso.
    • Erick Fredj from the Jerusalem College of Technology began his two month sabbatical hosted at RUCOOL. Erick will work on several collaborative projects including sea breeze, Antarctic ecosystem and HF radar research.

    Papers: (**Current or Former Graduate Student or Postdoctoral Researchers)


    • Cross, J.N., Turner, J., Cooley, S.R., Newton, J., Azetsu-Scott, K., Braby, C.E., Canesi, K., Chambers, C., Dugan, D., Goldsmith, K., Gurney-Smith, H., Harper, A., Jewett, L., Joy, D., King, T., Kurz, M., Morrison, R., Motyka, J., Ombres, E., Paguirigan, M., Regula-Whitefield, C.M., Saba, G.K., Silva, E., Smits, E., Vreeland-Dawson, J., Wickes, L. Submitted to Frontiers in Marine Science. The Knowledge-to-Action Pipeline: Connecting Ocean Acidification Research and Actionable Decision Support. Community white paper for OceanObs’19, September 2019, Honolulu, HI.
    • **Oliver, M., Kohut, J., Bernard, K., Fraser, W., Winsor, P., **Statscewich, H., Fredj, E., Cimino, M., Patterson-Fraser, D., **Carvalho, F. 2019. Central place foragers select ocean surface convergent features despite differing foraging strategies. Scientific Reports. Vol 9, Article #157.
    • Testor, P., DeYoung, B., Rudnick, D., Glenn, S., Hayes, D., Lee, C., Pattiaratchi, C., Turpin, V., Heslop, E., Saba, G., Kohut, J., Schofield, O., Miles, T., and 88 others. Submitted to Frontiers in Marine Science. Ocean gliders: A component of the integrated Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS). Community white paper for OceanObs’19, September 2019, Honolulu, HI.

    In Press:

    • Clark, E., Chien, S., Farrara, J. Fratantoni, D., Schofield, O., Thompson A., Branch, A., Mirza, F., Chao, Y., Aragon, D., Flexas, M. Precise station keeping for underwater gliders using a predictive ocean current model. Journal of Ocean Engineering. In press.
    • Lin, Y., Gifford, S. Ducklow, H., Schofield, O., Cassar, N. Towards quantitative marine microbiome community profiling using internal standards ISME. In press.
    • McKee, D., Martinson, D. G., Schofield, O. Origin and attenuation of mesoscale structure in circumpolar deep water intrusions to an Antarctic shelf. Journal of Physical Oceanography. In press.
    • Miles, T., Slade, W., **Gong, D., and Kohut, J. Suspended particle characteristics from a Glider integrated LISST sensor. MTS/IEEE Oceans. Charleston, SC. In Press.
    • Prakash, Dicopoulos, Roarty, Morel, Canals, **Evans (2018) “Development of Sargassum Seaweed Tracking Tools” MTS Oceans. In press.


    • Archer, C.L., Brodie, J.F., Rauscher, S.A. Global warming will aggravate ozone pollution in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology.
    • Friedland, K. D., Morse, R. E., Manning, J.P., Melrose, C.D., Miles, T.N., Goode, A., Brady, D. C., Kohut, J., Thomas, A.C., Powell, E.N. Disjunctive Regime Shifts in Surface and Bottom Thermal Environments of a Continental Shelf Ecosystem, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans.
    • Goldsmith, K.A., Lau, S., Poach, M.E., Sakowicz, G.P., Trice, T.M., Ono, R.C., Nye, J., Shadwick, E.H., Saba, G.K. In review. Scientific Considerations for Acidification Monitoring in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science.
    • Kobelt, J., Sharp, W., Miles, T., Feehan, C., Localized impacts of Hurricane Irma on Diadema antillarum and coral reef community structure, Estuaries and Coasts.
    • Parra, S., Greer, A., Book, J., Deary, A., Soto, I., Culpepper, C., Hernandez, F., Miles, T., Acoustic detection of zooplankton diel vertical migration behaviors on the northern Gulf of Mexico shelf, Limnology and Oceanography.
    • Saba, G.K., Goldsmith, K.A., Cooley, S.R., Grosse, D., Meseck, S.L., Miller, W., Phelan, B., Poach, M., Rheault, R., St. Laurent, K., Testa, J., Weis, J.S., Zimmerman, R. Recommended Priorities for Research on Ecological Impacts of Coastal and Ocean Acidification in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science.
    • Saba, G.K., **’Wright-Fairbanks, E., Chen, B., Cai, W.-J., Barnard, A.H., Jones, C.P., Branham, C.W., Wang, K., Miles, T. The development and validation of a profiling glider Deep ISFET pH sensor for high resolution coastal ocean acidification monitoring. Frontiers in Marine Science.
    • **Slesinger, E., Andres, A., Young, R., Seibel, B., Saba, V., Phelan, B., Rosendale, J., Wieczorek, D., Saba, G The effect of ocean warming on black sea bass (Centropristis striata) aerobic scope and hypoxia tolerance. PLoS ONE. Submitted.

    RUCOOL Significant Meetings & Conferences

    • Dalio Foundation, NJ Agency of Development (Wind Institute formation), Rutgers Library Deans (Giddings Collection), International POGO meeting (Cape Verde), RUMFS Tuckerton Science Retreat

    RUCOOL Visitors

    • Total number of visitors to RU COOL: 13 (Dec/Jan are typically the lowest visitor traffic months of the year)
    • Visitors: Equinor, SMART Congressional Initiative