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  • RUCOOL Updates April-May 2019

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    RUCOOL Updates: April – May 2019

    Field Campaign & Science Updates


    • RUCOOL hosted a visit from the Fisheries Liaison with offshore wind developer Equinor to discuss our technical capabilities and possible future collaborations.
    • Several members of the RUCOOL team attended the Fourteenth Annual REI Energy Symposium on May 8. Scott Glenn gave a plenary presentation while several members of the team ran afternoon breakout sessions focused on real-time ocean data delivery through RUCOOL and MARACOOS.
    • RUCOOL attended the NJAES Board of Managers meeting and presented Rutgers activities in offshore wind. Our next step is to identify links between agriculture and marine capacities in NJAES.
    • With Executive SEBS leadership, RUCOOL met with the Wentworth family to develop a contaminant observing system spanning the Raritan to the deep sea. The Wentworths are supportive of helping fund this vision.
    • RUCOOL attended the American Wind Energy Association Meeting to present an overview of RUCOOL offshore wind projects.


    • RUCOOL chaired and presented in a session on research partnerships, and as part of a briefing on NJ’s offshore wind strategic plan, at the Offshore Wind International Partnering Forum in NYC, April 8-10.
    • RUCOOL briefed NOAA leadership Craig McLean, the Assistant Administrator of OAR, and Nicole LeBoeuf, Acting Assistant Administrator of NOS, on hurricane research and the need for a dedicated hurricane glider fleet (April 22nd). Scott glenn and Gustavo Goni (NOAA/AOML) were tasked with designing the US hurricane glider fleet.
    • RUCOOL organized and chaired the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Acidification Network (MACAN) Workshop in Baltimore, May 13. RUCOOL has assumed the leadership role on ocean acidification research and planning in the region.
    • Several members of RUCOOL attended, presented and led panels on hurricane research and wind energy development at the MARACOOS annual meeting in Baltimore, May 13-14.
    • Scott April 30 Craig McLean, Acting Chief Scientist at NOAA, visited RUCOOL to discuss the future planning of the hurricane glider fleet and speak at the undergraduate Ocean Observing class.
    • RUCOOL briefed the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Pearl Harbor, HI on the impact of ocean glider observations on hurricane intensity forecast improvement April 10-11.
    • Oscar Schofield met with the Deputy Director of Polar Programs at NSF to discuss future of the Antarctic Ship fleet and need to automate sampling.


    • RUCOOL hosted the first ever EGO/UG2 International Glider Meeting May 20-24. Over 130 researchers and glider operators from 17 countries attended the meeting. The presentations will soon be available through
    • Oscar Schofield attended the LTER Principal Investigator Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico, with a focus on developing an international time series network.
    • Scott Glenn and Craig McLean co-hosted the US Committee meeting for the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission to prepare the US delegation for the July General Assembly meeting at UNESCO in Paris.
    • Travis Miles was appointed as chair of the Marine Technology Society (MTS) Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Committee.
    • Scott Glenn’s presentation at IOCARIBE launched a follow on meeting scheduled for November in Mexico City to design the climate monitoring network for the Caribbean through-flow portion of the global conveyor belt.


    Papers Published: (**Current or Former Graduate Student or Postdoctoral Researchers)

    • Archer, C.L., Brodie, J.F., and Rauscher, S.A. 2019. Global warming will aggravate ozone pollution in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology.
    • Goldsmith, K.A., Lau, S., Poach, M.E., Sakowicz, G.P., Trice, T.M., Ono, R.C., Nye, J., Shadwick, E.H., St.Laurent, K.A., Saba, G.K. Scientific Considerations for Acidification Monitoring in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science.
    • Saba, G.K., Goldsmith, K.A., Cooley, S.R., Grosse, D., Meseck, S.L., Miller, W., Phelan, B., Poach, M., Rheault, R., St. Laurent, K., Testa, J., Weis, J.S., Zimmerman, R. 2019. Recommended Priorities for Research on Ecological Impacts of Coastal and Ocean Acidification in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science.
    • Roarty, H., T. Cook, L. Hazard, D. George, J. Harlan, S. Cosoli, L. Wyatt, E. Alvarez Fanjul, E. Terrill, M. Otero, J. Largier, S. Glenn, N. Ebuchi, B. Whitehouse, K. Bartlett, J. Mader, A. Rubio, L. Corgnati, C. Mantovani, A. Griffa, E. Reyes, P. Lorente, X. Flores-Vidal, K. J. Saavedra-Matta, P. Rogowski, S. Prukpitikul, S.-H. Lee, J.-W. Lai, C.-A. Guerin, J. Sanchez, B. Hansen and S. Grilli (2019). “The Global High Frequency Radar Network.” Frontiers in Marine Science 6(164).


    RUCOOL Meetings & Conferences

    Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System Annual Meeting: New Orleans. JTWC Tropical Cyclone Conference: Honolulu. Scott Glenn and Oscar Schofield attended meeting NOAA leadership in Washington DC on the need for a national hurricane glider network April 22. IOOS DMAC Annual meeting: Washington D.C. April 29-May 2. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission Meeting: Washington D.C. May 1. National Ocean Partnership Program Meeting in Washington DC April 21-22. Mid-Atlantic Coastal Acidification Network (MACAN) Workshop: Baltimore May 13. MARACOOS Board Meeting: Baltimore May 13. MARACOOS Annual Meeting Baltimore May 13-14. LTER Principal Investigator meeting May 14-16, NOAA Environmental Monitoring Center (NCEP), April 2. EGO/UG2 International Glider Meeting: hosted at Rutgers May 20-24. CARICOOS Annual Meeting, May 24.


    RUCOOL Visitors

    • Total number of visitors to RU COOL: 127
    • Selected VIP Visitors:

    Peter Seligman – Chairman Conservation International, Craig McLean – Acting Chief Scientist at NOAA, Douglas Webb – founder of Teledyne Webb Research (Slocum Glider), Benjamin LaCour – NOAA IOOS, Mark Bushnell – NOAA IOOS, Nick Rome – IOOC Program Manager Consortium for Ocean Leadership, Gustavo Goni – Division Director NOAA/AOML, Barbara Kirkpatrick – Executive Director GCOOS, Steven DiMarco – Texas A&M University, Victor Turpin – JCOMMOPS, Emma Heslop – IOC/UNESCO, Steve Drew – Equinor Fisheries Liaison, Pierre Testor – French National Center for Scientific Research.