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  • LEAP Performance Report response

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    I decided to pick these vessels, because the Orange track has an interesting track, just moving outside of Barnegat. Sometimes ship detection notice some interesting boats just hanging out. The darker blue and green track I choose because there are some instances where the detection have some gaps. Both ships have similar radial velocity and distance, but different bearing. I am curious on how would the code resolve the differences, and see how it does with the gaps. The yellow track seems to be a straight line down south on the map, however, on the second graph, the vessel shows gradual change in distance to the radar as well as in bearing. Seems interesting on how the vessel moves. If you, see other vessels that need to be included please let me know.

  • LEAP Performance Report

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    Erick, how did you decide that you’ll plot 7 ships?  Can you plot them all?