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  • Puerto Rico CDDO Tidal Analysis 2

    Posted on July 8th, 2009 admin No comments

    Tidal Analysis 2 follows a similar approach to the one posted previously but with a few modifications. Three points were selected for comparison: Point A corresponds to range cell #1, Point B corresponds to range cell #2 and so on. This consequently provides a reasonable improvement in terms of proximity to the NOAA station. Also, a larger time series significantly enhanced the performance of T_tides algorithm – the previous analysis was based on one month of data, while this one uses four months of data. Calculated tidal constituents (O1, K1, M2, S2) remained unchanged.

    Note that Both cycles are in phase.
    Considering that radial data is limited by what the radar can perceive in a radial direction, discrepancy between current velocity magnitudes is to be expected.