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  • Histogram of Range (Km) for the 13 MHz Codar Systems CDDO and SEAB

    Posted on July 1st, 2009 admin No comments

    The histograms plotted were done using the radial diagnostic files from the CDDO and the SEAB 13 MHz sites. It can be appreciated from the histograms that the CDDO site has a frequency of having a larger range than the SEAB. According to the theory both sites must have similar average range values, since both of them operate at the same frequency. The difference in range between these two sites can be due to external factors such as noise interfering with the signal, lost of power, sea surface salinity, etc.  The SEAB site has a range with the highest frequency value between 60 – 63 Km, while the CDDO has a 81-83 Km. The theory states that a water with a high salinity will prolong more the signal that a water with low salinity. If we look briefly at the values of salinity for CDDO ( 35 ppt) and for SEAB (32 ppt) we can expect this results. In conclusion when compare to the CDDO site with the SEAB site, it seems to be working properly, and having a good constant range.