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  • Seagrant ADCP Wave Project

    Posted on June 10th, 2009 admin No comments

    I have uploaded the archived spectra data from BRZY, HOOK, and HOSR to repro-2. It is located in a folder on the desktop called “SeagrantWaves.” I have also uploaded the spectra data from HOMR, but it is located on coolmedia in a desktop folder called “SeagrantWaves.”

    Some of the spectra data was missing in small gaps. Data from HOSR was missing from 2/20/07 to 2/25/07 and also from 12/18/07 to 12/30/07. Data from BRZY was missing from 4/18/07 to 4/24/07. Data from HOOK was missing from 4/10/07 to 4/24/07 and from 12/18/07 to 2/10/08. Data from HOMR was missing from 12/20/05 to 12/30/05 and from 12/18/07 to 2/10/08.