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    Posted on November 8th, 2018 Scott Glenn No comments

    Chari just sent this photo from the Perth glider port looking back 2 years at the re-christening of RU29 with water from the Indian Ocean before the start of its historic mission within IIOE-2.

    Looking back at all that was accomplished, I first think of all the people that made it possible. Working together, we advanced the technology, we explored an ocean with new threats, and we overcame new challenges on shore. We made new friends, and together, accomplished something that was hard. Some call these types of friends comrades, some call them mates.  In Spanish, we call them companeros. Our co-workers, our partners, our equals. All dedicated to a common goal. Companeros have a bond that has been tested, and a bond that has survived, because of a shared vision that is bigger than our differences.

    With the return of RU29, we now focus our attention on the next mission. I look forward to working with all of you as we prepare to redeploy from Spain in September of 2019.   The preparations will be hard, and seeing the mission through to the end will be even harder.

    But we are companeros.

    Borrowing words from our global navigator – Force, wind and honor all.

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