Sam Coakley
Postdoctoral Researchers & Graduate Students
Graduate Student
71 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 | Room 205D
Research Interests

Growing up along the coast, I developed interests in marine science but more specifically in coastal processes and air-sea interactions in storms. The feedback system between the ocean and atmosphere contributed to the drastically different storms, Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy. Witnessing both of these storms impacts on New Jersey first hand sparked my interest in these natural disasters. I am also interested in the forever evolving field of marine technology and my work focuses specifically on the use of gliders. The ability to sample without need of a ship is a vast step forward for ocean science and allows us to sample under hurricanes to get a clearer image of how the ocean responds. One interest I have yet to explore professionally is coastal resilience and beach development which I hope to get more involved in during my graduate education.

Short History

I grew up in a beach town in New Jersey and I have always known that I wanted to study marine science. When I was a kid, I attended a marine science camp run by Cornell and that was my first formal education in the subject. Later in life, I attended the Marine Academy of Science and Technology where I got to participate first-hand in marine science and engineering projects which was an invaluable experience. While in high school, I learned of the RU COOL lab and their work with gliders and I needed to be a part of that team so I went to Rutgers. After my first year at Rutgers, I emailed Josh Kohut asking him to be my research advisor and I have been a part of the team ever since.


2018, B.S. Marine Science, Rutgers University
2019-Present, PhD Student, Graduate Program in Oceanography, Rutgers University