Malarie O’Brien
Postdoctoral Researchers & Graduate Students
Graduate Student Masters of Operational Oceanography
Research Interests:

I am investigating how to best operate a fleet of profiling floats to improve ocean model performance for mesoscale features and events. Particularly I will be studying floats within the global Argo Float Network and assess their effects on ocean model performance when they are rapidly cycled. I am interested in learning about ocean instrumentation and field applications related to physical oceanography. My goal is to become a well-rounded physical oceanographer with a broad understanding of operational oceanography.


Short History:

I am a Navy brat so I grew up in Hawaii and Maryland, where I was surrounded and fascinated by beaches and estuaries. I received a B.S. in Marine Science and a minor in Applied Mathematics from Coastal Carolina University in 2017. I used the Science, Mathematics, And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship to fund part of my undergraduate degree, and upon graduating I began working as a civilian for the Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO) at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. While at NAVO I have worked as a physical oceanographer on T-AGS oceanographic surveys around the world. I have also worked closely with profiling floats and drifting buoys to collect data in support of Navy ocean models. In 2021 I was approved to attend Rutgers University as a SMART retention scholar, where I will earn a M.S. in Oceanography. After graduating I will return to NAVO to work in support of the US Navy. When not working or in school I enjoy running, hiking, reading, PC gaming, and playing the violin.