Emily Slesinger
Postdoctoral Researchers & Graduate Students
Graduate Student
71 Dudley Rd, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 | Room 309D

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Research Interests

I graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2015 with a B.S. in Marine Biology and a B.A. in Environmental Studies. My broad research interests are focused on the impacts of climate change on marine fish and the interstation with fisheries, which I study by using tools from the fields of physiology, ecology, and reproductive biology. Currently, I am studying the impacts of ocean warming on black sea bass from the organismal to the population-wide level by using laboratory and field-based studies, respectively. I employ various methodologies ranging from whole-animal metabolic measurements, dissections, proximate composition tissue analyses, histology, and more! When I’m not being a fish nerd, I enjoy trail running, ocean swims, painting, and eating food.

Short History

I grew up in San Diego, CA, along the sunny California coast. On my dad’s side of the family, everyone has an “ocean” bone in them and when I was 8 my uncle took my dad and I on a trip from Seattle to Alaska on his tugboat. Besides throwing up a whole bowl of Fruit Loops, I had an amazing time out at sea. I think this was the first time I knew that I had also been born with the “ocean” bone. During my undergraduate at the University of California Santa Cruz, I studied marine biology and environmental studies. I was fortunate to work on a three NOAA cruises, sampling juvenile rockfish along the California Current. In 2013, I studied abroad in Australia at the University of Queensland and studied terrestrial ecology and marine biology, both of which had a complementary field component. After graduating, I joined the Groundfish Analysis team at NOAA in Santa Cruz working on Chilipepper rockfish early life history and analyzing old fisheries independent data from the 1940-1960’s.


2015, B.S. Marine Biology (Honors), University of California Santa Cruz
2015, B.A. Environmental Studies (Honors), University of California Santa Cruz
2016-PhD Student, Graduate Program of Oceanography, Rutgers University