Liza Wright-Fairbanks
Postdoctoral Researchers & Graduate Students
Graduate Student
71 Dudley Rd, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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Research Interests

Broadly, my research interests are the biological effects of climate change. I am interested in ascertaining how the many facets of climate change may alter population dynamics and the physiology of marine organisms. Currently, I am using Slocum Gliders to investigate pH on the east coast of the United States. I hope to use this data to better inform ocean acidification models and relate my findings to local fishery stock assessments.

Short History

I grew up spending my summers on a lake in western Maine, where I would devote most of my time to fishing, swimming, and boating. Like many “lake people”, I was scared of the ocean, up until a vacation to the Bahamas and my first SCUBA experience in crystal-clear waters. My newfound love for all things ocean brought me to the island of Eleuthera for a summer semester at The Island School, where my passion flourished. Since then, I have traveled around the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic Ocean, throughout the islands of the Caribbean, and even into Vermont’s Lake Champlain to conduct aquatic research. I look forward to any and all experiences that will allow me to pursue my passion for marine science.


2017, B.A. Biology, Middlebury College
2017-Present, PhD Student, Graduate Program of Oceanography, Rutgers University