Carrie Ferraro
Outreach & Education
Associate Director, Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience Initiative Co-Facilitator, Rutgers Raritan River Consortium
71 Dudley Rd, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 | Room 104C

Full CV

Research Interests

My current research interest focuses on how to create high quality STEM educational material that fosters connections between students, teachers, and scientists. Through my work, I am exploring how the use of technology and real-time data in inquiry based instruction provides students a true sense of what science is and how it works. In doing so, I hope to convince students and teachers that science is tangible and exciting and that it is not something done only by old, strange white men in lab coats.

Short History

I grew up in central New Jersey, but have also lived in a number of other places, including Boston, Washington, D.C., San Diego and Glasgow, Scotland. I returned to New Jersey in 2003 in order to obtain my Ph.D. and study bacteria at Rutgers University. My doctoral research focused on how environmental conditions relate to the types of active bacteria found at a location. After finishing my degree, I realized that instead of research, I preferred to work with students and teachers to help get them excited about ocean science and now am currently working with the Education and Outreach group in the Department.

Teaching Efforts

Ocean Science Inquiry “the ABC’s of “current” ocean issues” (Undergrad, Spring 2009)
Climate and Data Literacy: Examining Effective Teaching and Learning Practices (Undergrad, Spring or Fall 2016)