Brian Frei
Postdoctoral Researchers & Graduate Students
Undergraduate Student

Research Interests:

My passion for research at RUCOOL lies in the connection between meteorology, renewable energy, and climate change. I am interested in developing a better understanding of wind patterns off the mid-Atlantic coast to make the integration of offshore wind energy into the current power grid more efficient. Through doing this, I hope to help increase the ratio of renewable energy used in the U.S., and reduce our output of fossil fuel emissions into the atmosphere.


Short History:

In elementary school I made cloud posters, daily weather logs, and observed storms from my breezeway. Although my interest in the weather lost out to sports, music, and friends during high school, it resurfaced through an introductory meteorology course in my first year of business school. One semester later, I had transferred schools and changed majors to pursue a degree in meteorology at Rutgers. This decision led to incredible research experiences and an alternative rock band with some of my best friends, so I haven’t looked back since.