Craig McLean receives Challenger and Distinguished Alumni Awards


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The Center for Ocean Observing Leadership maintains a global presence with regular collaboration with partners world wide
RU COOL Gains New Jersey Senate Recognition
RU COOL Gains New Jersey Senate Recognition
RU COOL Gains New Jersey Senate Recognition

The Rutgers University Center of Ocean Observing Leadership (RU COOL) integrates across interdisciplinary scientific research, education and outreach using an operational ocean observing system. Faculty and students comprising the scientific teams participate in collaborative research programs in which academic, industry and government partnerships are forged between physicists and biologists, between scientists and engineers, and between observationalists and modelers. The education group is the focal point for outreach activities to the K-12 community and to non-science majors within Rutgers and schools/universities around the world. The Operations Center maintains a sustained coastal ocean observatory that provides real-time ocean data to the research and education groups and also serves as the training ground for Operational Oceanography students.

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Name Position Email Phone Room
Faculty & Management Team
Scott Glenn  Co-Founder   103F
Oscar Schofield  Co-Founder 848-932-3265 104G
Josh Kohut  Co-Founder 848-932-3496 318C
Janice McDonnell  Associate Professor, Sci. Eng. Tech. Agent 848-932-3285 103C
Grace Saba  Assistant Professor 848-932-3466 316
Hugh Roarty  Director  908-208-2970 111A
Travis Miles  Assistant Research Professor 848-932-3293 103I
Postdoctoral Researchers & Graduate Students
Mike Brown  Graduate Student 848-932-3410 303E
Filipa Carvalho  Graduate Student 848-932-3452 309D
Nicole Couto  Graduate Student 848-932-3472 114A
Schuyler Nardelli Graduate Student   304
Emily Slesinger Graduate Student   304
Clifford Watkins Graduate Student 848-932-3293 103I
Research & Support Team
Mike Crowley  Program Manager for OOI program
Operations Director Maracoos 848-932-3287 IFNH 220
Mike Vardaro  Data Manager for OOI program 848-932-9709 IFNH 220
John Kerfoot  Lead Software Developer 848-932-3344 IFNH 220
Leila Belabassi  Associate Data Manager for OOI Program 848-932-3260 IFNH 220
Steve Levenson  Financial Manager 848-932-3288 103
Patty Gillen  Adminstrative Support 848-932-3380 103
Nilsen Strandskov Web Developer 848-932-3261 109
Marine Operations Team
David Aragon   Glider technician and Operator 848-932-3294 105 
Chip Haldeman  Glider technician
Marine hardware
Captain 848-932-3295 101
Ethan Handel CODAR technician 848-932-3340 109
Nicole Waite Marine and Glider technician 848-932-3472 305F
Data & Software
Lori Garzio Data Evaluator 848-932-3260 IFNH 220
Friedrich Knuth Data Evaluator 848-932-3433 IFNH 220
Laura Palamara Data Analyst and Programmer 848-932-3350 111
Michael Smith  Data Evaluator 848-932-3433 IFNH 220
Sage Lichenwalder Programmer and OOI support 848-932-3291 IFNH 220;
Education & Outreach
Carrie Ferraro Education Specialist 848-932-3282 103
Kristin Hunter-Thomson SET Education Specialist 848-932-3281 103
Affiliated Faculty
Robert Chant  DMCS       
Uli Kremer  Department of Computer Science       
Manish Parashar  Department of Computer Science       
Ivan Rodero  Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2)       

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Challenger Mission: RU29 was deployed from Western Australia on a mission to circumnavigate the Indian Ocean


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See the latest live data from the Center for Ocean Observing Leadership



Education Efforts


RUCOOL is dedicated to training the next generation of Oceanographers. 


Featured Outreach


Project CONVERGE: bridging the gap from Antarctica to the classroom



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